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    Indoor theme park (lucid)

    by , 02-07-2016 at 06:48 AM (212 Views)
    [URL="http://imgur.com/94oSvJw"]dream 5[/URL]

    as far as i can remember, i was lucid from the start. it lasted about 10 minutes, vividness was normal and my mental clarity/awareness that it was a lucid was i think a 5. (on a scale of 1 to 10)

    indoor theme park/playground. there was a big skate ramp and people were saying its impossible to go off it and come back by bouncing against the wall. i dont remember having skates or a skateboard but the experience was like i had them. so i just went weeee off the big ramp, did some spins or stunts or something, bounced off the wall and came back. people were impressed.

    i dont remember this clearly but it was like i was having 2 different dreams at the same time. the scenes occasionally switched from one to the other. both were in the same theme park even. but i only remember 1 part of the dream where i actually remembered both "dreams". it was when i was getting beaten up by a giant black spider, bigger than a car. the getting beat up was slightly different in both scenes

    i asked a dc how to travel in time and he made a bucket full of butter mixed with something buttery. i dropped that on the spider after taking 2 hands full myself. it tasted alright.

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