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    miniature people (lucid)

    by , 02-18-2016 at 04:21 AM (706 Views)
    [URL="http://imgur.com/a/GHDWh"]nr 10 and 11[/URL] (2 a5 sized entries on an a4 sized paper)

    nr10 is lucid, nr 11 nonlucid

    about nr10: the dream characters were more elaborate than usual and felt almost like real people. at one point i could force a girl (non physically, i have some control over the actions of dcs, if i want them to want me, they will) to want to have sex with me but i didnt because she seemed reluctant initially, because i wouldnt feel good about it. at some point i told a guy that this is a dream and that i am dreaming right now. i asked him if he dreams and he said i was crazy and superstitious (or religious). later on i used powers to light lamps and looked for people to give dream powers so they could be of more help (we were in a survival type situation in a warehouse and had to work together) and i was looking for a responsible person. (this goal was forgotten moments later) i also thought of asking a girl if she could listen to me summarizing my dream so i can remember it better when i wake up and said "hey.. can i ask you something?" and there the dream ended.

    pretty cool.

    edit: this past week ive actually been getting lucid once a day on average. yes. holy crap thats amazing. yay for nose plug rcs and counting down from 100 thinking "lucid dreaming" on every count. now the next huge step is to learn how to prolong dreams. if i can do that... its happening! its finally happening = D

    according to laberge: rubbing and spinning are effective
    yell clarity

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