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    Past few days of dreams

    by , 02-04-2016 at 06:18 AM (488 Views)
    this is only for me, so dont read it. i didnt write it in a way for someone else to read it, it is probably boring and/or makes little sense.

    parts from the waterbending night:
    selcuk dayi acting crazy, black kids scared of us, first one i saw growled. then a kid who is with us chases him and they chase us and we run around. while running i waterbended at them and tried to waveboard. i danced with kirsten dunst, she smiled at me before we danced. i danced badly, movign left to right ungracefully and then i asked her whether she could teach me to dance. i felt her warmth. after running around, there is 1 kid around the corner and then a black kid shows up behind him, theyre shy and nervous and want to be friends. then there are more of them and we become friends. and there was a lady with them

    a dream in the same night: an rpg like dream, flying around, he is my pupil? or she? old houses, a torn down place, red/darkish skies, were travelers. hes in an old house and im looking out for him. (or her).

    senel yenge is there and ilknur? i think we were sleeping and just woke up and i was journaling my dream. with senel yenge, he said and to punish you were going to reduce your dick and he used a lazer and it was all game-like and it became like an old school game where his lazer hit and there was an animation of a bar going lower. selcuk dayi was also sometimes pixellated, like tama from gintama when he threw a small piece of food up and caught it with his mouth. i showed the water thing to senel yenge but couldnt get my fingers to move in the same way. in this fa i was remembering the waterbending dream much more clearly than when i woke up. i was also djing but couldnt because uncle was there. and he was intimidating. not really a bad guy

    a girl saved me i think but i dont know how. not from my uncle but telling me i was dreaming? i think she barged into the room. then i said "this is the girl that tells me im dreaming, she saves me" and i made a mental note to remember that im dreaming when i see her. then i had flashbacks of us in a battlefield and other places and shes actualyl protecting me from physical harm i think. she wore soldier clothes

    same night:
    i FAed and was laying in bed and rced by checking the text on my phone and i concluded that the text was contaxt but my eye was tired and my eyelid kept falling down.

    we are hiding from something. something after us. but not panickng. more people. we had confrontations before.

    zuko and iroh escaping from a prison cell. i was telling myself to journal this in a fa and maybe iwl. iroh pulled a giant rock from the ground but maybe it had fire. some guy talking about the media claiming to have black things and all theyve left is a sense of adventure or something, it was a song and th e music was nice. he was really fat (a music video) and in related videos there was a cosplay of him with blue hair. hot spring shire guards with white faces (like kiyoshi) and iroh and zuko come and say i honor you or something the guards are honorful among warriors and they want to find someone. bending, iroh, zuko, azula, zuko gets her help but then doesnt need it. earth water protect themselves soka gets nothing. someone says that the forest isnt regrowing or not regrow and then if the avatar goes in trance, the trees will die whenever he transforms. had 8 mana used 3 of it for windfury and there was an earth elemental or earth bender

    many kids here we i or aang didnt want to show earth bending for some reason. but there was another way, but that wa also earth bending? 2 men bullying a little girl and boy, i was the avatar or watching him and he was meditating somewhere, trying to access the dream and do things.and i thought thats cool sitting in a dream, going in another dream, trying something and when youre back you get guidance from somene.

    castle on fire. i save him. it explodes. kids put the flame to it prematurely (light the oil prematurely). we all work work together to bring down a castle. we evacuate the kids and everyone else but 1 hero is almost too late but i fly and save him before its too late. many people watching in a big area, it is dark and raining hard. we are victorious. i and that person had a house to ourselves before that? a big flying beast? whore the enemies? im not lucid but everyone knows i have special powers. theres something in the guys hands when i fetch him from the top of the castle or building. and hes happy that he can keep it. i drop him on a window side thing (venster). i hear someone saying "this guy is pretty cool" there are lots of people, aybe 50 who are not of us but not enemies. we had strong enemies and lots of them but we were brave. our enemies are animals not humans, but im not sure (large flying beasts?). maybe the building we lighted up and let explode was theirs. something before happened to make them mad. i remember fighting them before. theyre big creatures, black-grey and rhino sized, maybe they could fly.

    i dont know how many days this was. 4-8 days.

    now last night.
    [URL="http://imgur.com/a/dssnj"]dream 1 and dream 2[/URL]

    dont worry, i can make sense of those.

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