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    Slept10hoursfeelsgoodman .jpg

    by , 01-21-2016 at 06:58 AM (448 Views)
    slept at 9.30pm

    Mmkay these are my tags after 6 hours of sleep (it is near bedtime now). Thaddius, dv, chat, paladin. new mechanic, small minions, another dream in the chat someone sends some funny weird videos. I only remember the Thaddius. Vaguely. I do vaguely remember that I dreamed about the chat.

    I don't feel like making this into a story. I'm just going to copy my notes almost as they are on my phone. its a mess because when journaling i write things down quickly and with few words

    19:30 i was lucid i had to be lucid otherwise i wouldnt randomly go kissing girls (but i dont remember this, even when i woke up i didnt remember being lucid, so no points on the competition). FA in a place with lots of bed and a pretty girl in the bed next to mine. i wanted to kiss her and thought shed like it but i was too shy i think. I was in a city in paris in another dream. In another dream my uncle and his family was at our house and they had prepared dinner while i was sleeping in that very room. I got irritated and expressed it but they were like "yeah go sleep somewhere else" or something.

    It says 2 FA's in a row. so perhaps the dream where i woke up at dinner was the 2nd fa.

    we were traveling with my dad and brother in a car (no mom? i think she is in my dreams less often than my dad and my brother is the most frequent visitor of the 3) and we stopped somewhere to go to the toilet and wash hands. and people helped me with washing hands (maybe the gave me soap?).

    i remember looking in the mirror and having my face with weird dots/zits/things and my hair was wet. i think my face looked way different and not even really like my actual face. but, like, whatever, im like, yeah dreams are like pretty weird right. whatever

    That was last night.

    Here goes the earlier night.

    marc, gliding, steep hill with parents, outside at the end (weird pizza), marc bullying someone and i protect, bastiaan. orationem joining the chat while i was talking to someone. which is weird because i wasnt on a computer but just talking to someone in real life. so how can she join the chat and interrupt? (HOWCANYOU)

    i glide faster than the group, 1 girl is also pretty fast and we pass a red fluffy decent sized ball around. im ahead and higher up so its easier for me. we are friendly with each other and have a good time. in the same building there was a disco and a restaurant. i went to the disco for a few sec and at the restaurant i sat down but i think i didnt eat. i was singled out by the owner and got scolded. then i went outside. ther was a person on a weelchair and i let her go ahead in front of me at a door. outside i first went to another place before the pizza thingy. the pizza thingy guy didnt have a stand i think, he was just standing there selling it. there were multiple people there.

    before the bullying by marc in the changing room we had gym class. but i dont remember the gym class. some kids were faster than my in sliding and challenged my to go back downhill the steep hill.

    dream signs: having a good time/being friendly with a girl. my brother. relatives (uncle). dreamviews chat

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