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    Waterbending practice

    by , 01-28-2016 at 12:48 PM (741 Views)
    for those who came just to read about the bending, i put the other parts of the dream in spoilers.

    [SPOILER=no bending here]i am flying and suddenly i realize that i am dreaming. i try to land but it doesnt work (as always) i can go left right and up with ease but going down is harder, there is a big tree and i grab the tree and pull myself downwards. the tree changes subtly and it gets a bit bigger and richer (more branches, more leaves, thicker trunk, further from the ground) and i pull myself down by grabbing branches and then i reach the floor. there is family there (but not from waking life, i think, just random dcs i think of as family) and it is like a picnic site. grass, trees, in a greeny place.

    the dream here is a bit more colorful than waking life and it is vivid, i think my lucid dreams (at least lately) have been very often more colorful than waking life. later on the colors become slightly less rich but nowhere near dull, it is similar to waking life.

    i dont know where i went from this open foresty/greeny place but im in a more mundane place now. but im not sure about the details. there were streets but no cars, not like a western street with big buildings and a nice asphalt road and a sidewalk and stuff, but closer to this. [URL="http://i.imgur.com/NrFbp.jpg"]click for picture[/URL] i dont remember the environment clearly but this is the general idea[/SPOILER]

    then i suddenly decide to waterbend. i dont know the sequence in which i did things but ill just describe what i did. i could form a tennisball-sized ball of water and control it through the air, moving it left, right, up, down, pretty fast and meters away from me, it was pretty cool. i got excited and remembered spellbee's competition but then realized that its already ended. i could also hold to 2 water droplets above my palms and i could twirl 2 fingers in opposite directions and the balls would follow. but its hard to rotate 2 fingers in opposite directions but it kind of/almost worked and the balls did make orbits above my palm.

    [SPOILER=no bending here]i was quite excited and joyful about this. at some point i tried to waveboard while running away from something (explaining that is boring so i wont). i talked partly to myself and partly to the kid who was with me and i tried to do some movement with my feet to pretend i had a waveboard but it didnt work, i also tried it with a bit of rock sticking out diagonally from the ground but it didnt work.[/SPOILER]

    sometimes i pulled water off the ground by waterbending, sometimes there were multiple droplets in the air. once, when we had pursuers, i used the snow and water on the ground to throw water at them. it was powerful enough, like in avatar the last airbender.

    [SPOILER=no bending here]this is really fun, this has a lot of potential. i want to practice bending skills and be a master mage. i want to drop lightning, make walls of fire, conjure huge amounts of water, or do mass telekenesis and stuff like that. also simpler stuff, like creating small lightshows or maybe conjuring animations that appear in front of me. also earthbending, thats fun too. stomping on the ground, making rock rise from the ground and then punching it away seems really cool. i could create elementals to accompany me. probably if im this good at summoning stuff and controlling elements, i can do pretty much anything in my direct environment.

    at the end im in a building and there is a girl who looks like mary jane from spiderman (kirsten dunst) and we dance, but i cant dance so i just hold her and franticly move left and right :P then i think something like "a lucid dream and you finally spend time with a girl, you couldnt resist huh." i ask her to teach me how to dance and i dont remember that she did, i held her a bit and i think this is either the end or very close to it.

    i think this dream lasted for 10-20 minutes, ill add 15 minutes to the counter in my signature.[/SPOILER]
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    1. AstralMango's Avatar
      Woo, nice! Firebending next?
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    2. Ginsan's Avatar
      Yeah I think so, if it's not water. I breathed fire and hot air multipe times and I set things on fire, at least once (that I remember now) I could make a decent volume of air come out of my fists or hands. The breathing of hot air or fire (I don't remember which one) once had decent volume too. So yeah that's pretty likely.