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    1. Subconscious became mad at me

      by , 04-08-2019 at 09:31 AM
      So I started using the Awoken smartphone app to train myself to do Reality Checks in my dream. It works like a charm, for me at least. After responding to the app for only one day, I had 3 lucids last night. The most interesting of them was the one where I realized my goal and tried to gain control over/access to it. Below is my DJ entry.


      I'm in this wacky world where there are all sorts of zany characters running around. It feels like a game mixed with a children's TV show. I have been here before in a previous dream and I become lucid.

      I remember my goal, the reason I'm lucid dreaming in the first place and realize I have no interest in this weird world and dream freedom. I'm here to talk to my subconscious. So I try to focus and clear out the world so I have complete emptiness. It doesn't work, so I treat my dream as a machine that accepts commands and tell it to "clear out everything". And it does, it literally removed everything leaving me in complete darkness.

      Now that I have what I want, I say to my subconscious: "Give me access to my subconscious." I do not get a response, but I can see my subconscious trying to force the world back in which I was standing before, forcefully trying to move it into place, I can even see white, bony hands trying to push the scene back together for me to walk in. I refuse and push it away with my mind and ask loudly: "Why won't you give me access!?"

      Then a feeling of fear developed inside of me and out of nowhere the mad Majora's Mask moon shows up underneath me and a dark, angry voice resonated throughout the world: "WHY DO YOU WANT ACCESS TO SOMETHING YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND!!?" The voice surprises me and I am shocked my subconscious is this violent towards me. It's not just shock because of the response. The amount of power this entity exerted towards me was of such a degree that I felt like it could kill me instantly if it wished to do so. I froze for a second when it appeared in that fashion.

      The voice keeps on talking on why I have no business trying to meddle in something beyond my control and it has me wake up to a false awakening again, but I am completely conscious of the fact that I am dreaming still. The house is very different. Not in the sense that the layout or location is different, but something else completely. It's dark, not only literally, but it feels like I'm somewhere I have no control. I feel fear inside of me as I see eyes on the walls everywhere, connected to each other like neurons and information travelling between them as electricity, as this voice keeps on rambling like a higher being, explaining that I shouldn't have access to things I will not understand anyway. I walk through the house and the walls are the same everywhere, with eyes looking at me. It feels really uncomfortable as I'm trying to explore the house. When I get to the kitchen, my dream has started taking over again, as my consciousness is fading and the last thing I see is myself walking back to bed. And that is where the memory ends.


      That was quite the experience. I think maybe I came on to strong. Tonight, if I become lucid, I'll try just talking to it first, just a conversation, rather than demanding access immediately. Hopefully it will be more agreeable then XD.
    2. Dream Control

      by , 02-22-2015 at 11:38 AM
      Before I jump into the lucid dream(s) I had last night, I would like to first state that I have been visiting Dream Views for a long time looking for different kind of tips and tricks to become and stay lucid. Two days ago I saw an article on Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dream where the suggestion was made to choose some object or something else for that matter and whenever you'd see it in waking life, you should do a reality check. So I decided to go really big and chose the color blue. Everytime I saw something blue I did a reality check and really questioned whether or not I was dreaming. Note that I did this for 1 day only. The results were (for me atleast) great.

      "I'm walking in a badly illuminated building with multiple rooms adjacent to each other. All are connected through doors and every room is just as dark as the one before. I notice I'm following a guy, it seems as if he's leading me to someone. As I look around I notice something blue and I become suspicious. I check my hands to see that I own 12 fingers and I realize that I'm dreaming. Immediately after that I'm upright in my bed, as if awakened from a dream. I immediately notice that I don't remember the act of sitting up, so I suspected it to be a false awakening. After checking my right hand my suspicions were confirmed as I had 7 fingers on one hand.

      As of now, I'm lucid, but everything is still very fuzzy, as always in the few times before I had a lucid dream. Instead of trying the regular techniques like rubbing my hands and spinning around to stabilize it, I assumed my subconscious to be a computer in which I could enter commands. I said 'Dream! Increase vividness to 100%!' and everything became crystal clear. Next I said 'Increase awareness to 100%!' and the level of detail and clarity I achieved was amazing. I had no trouble maintaining the dream and could freely walk through my house without feeling the pressure of the dream trying to take over.

      I went into the kitchen and as it was still dark outside I wanted to turn on the light. However, my goal was to see how well I could control my dream, as I heard it's not too easy. So I decided to turn on the light with my mind. I focused on the bulb and hoped it would turn on. Instead, it leaned towards me as if I was trying to move it, but that was not my intention. I stopped for second and told myself that it's not about hoping it will turn on, but knowing that it will turn on since I'm in control and everything I want will happen. So I tried again and the light turned on. Goal achieved, so I went further.

      At this point it's already light outside and I notice people wanting to come into the kitchen. This is when I decided to test another facet of control and I wanted to put in a door to keep everyone outside. I swiped from right to left and a door swiped in place. I was happy, but not for long. I realised that I put in a DOOR, so everyone opened the door and came in XD. So I went one step further and swiped again, this time swiping in a brick wall. Unfortunately someone got caught in the middle and entered the kitchen anyway, so I thought never mind.

      Next I wanted to see if I could fly, still testing the extent of control. I focused hard and managed to get of the ground. The feeling is amazing! But onwards with the story. I flew throughout the house and got to my room where there is a balcony. I wanted to go outside and see where I could fly to, but it was quite a way down, so I had some doubt. I figured that if I would have something to fly on, perhaps that would be safer. At that moment my dad came in with a broom saying that I could use that. Well why not, witches use it, so I took it and sat on it. I'm still lucid at this point, so it was a sane decision :p. I floated up and towards the edge of the balcony. Eventually I turned around and went back into my room, not because I thaught I was going to fall, but because I sensed some doubt and assumed that if I were to fall, I would lose lucidity. That was too great a risk for me to take.

      So now I'm in my room, thinking what I should do next to test my control. Then I remembered reading here that teleporting was also something, so I decided to try that. I closed the door and expected to open it and walk into the world of 'Murdoch Mysteries', a TV show I'm watching. So I opened the door and there was the morgue, exactly like in the show. I walked around to look at it and the resemblance was uncanny. Nothing much happened that was of significance and I believe the dream took over from there on out.

      Next thing I remember is waking up. I was only a little bit disappointed but mostly really happy that I attained that level of lucidity. Today I will keep checking reality everytime I see blue and hopefully tonight I will feast again. This time I will be looking for the embodiment of my subconcious mind, I have some questions for him. Whoever is reading this, I strongly recommend trying what I did to become lucid. Maybe it will work for you, maybe it won't, but one can always try, right? Well, that's it for today, hopefully I will have a new experience to share tomorrow.

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    3. The Truck House

      by , 10-28-2013 at 03:57 PM
      I'm viewing this dream partially from outside. I don't have a role in the dream, it is as if I'm a ghost looking into someone else's life.

      The dream revolves around this one special truck, that has a compartment inside of it so big, the owner had turned it into a bedroom.

      Anyway, later on a fat guy with tattoos and brown curly hair comes by and wants to just take the truck after he had taken a look at it. Now, the truck was parked outside of a house in what appeared to be the middle of some desert. The owner of the house was apparently also the owner of the truck and he wouldn't allow for.the truck to just be taken away.

      Mr. tattoo still wanted it and agreed to fight the owner for it. After this a lot of stuff happened which I can't remember so well.

      At some point I'm myself and I'm standing on I think the second floor of cinema with my sister, about to witness the fight between the two guys. On one floor lower the family and friends of the house owner have assembled and as some sort of ritual he throws shotglasses at them before fighting.

      My memory of the dream stops here.
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    4. The Bunny Theme Park

      by , 10-28-2013 at 03:54 PM
      So, I'm at this theme park with my dad and we're somewhere at the back of the park, where there are a series of small hedges, parallel to each other, lined up in front of us. They all have a small hole in the middle, just big enough to crawl through, so me and my dad crawl through them until we reach the end, which is simply somewhere outside of the theme park. I say to him that It's ridiculous to make something like that, because everyone can get in the theme park this way without paying.

      Regardless, we walk on into an area with quite some trees and a lot of vacation houses and my dad warned me to be careful, because small landslides had been occurring here lately. I tell him I won't fall prey to a landslide like others because I have studied this phenomenon in engineering school. He smiles and we continue walking.

      After this point my memory of the dream stops.
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    5. Lucidity test drive

      by , 04-23-2013 at 07:15 PM
      Today I tried to perform a WILD. I went to bed around 12 AM and set my alarm for 6 AM. I woke up, went to the bathroom and then went back to lie down. I entered my dream semi-lucid.

      I find myself entering my room. For some reason my dream self decides to hide in my closet. At that point I think to myself: "If I get out of my closet and see myself lying in bed, that must mean that I am dreaming!". I get out of the closet and indeed, I find myself lying in bed. This is I believe the third time I've seen myself lying in bed in my dreams, yet it never feels odd or strange. Anyway, at this point I become fully lucid.

      Everything suddenly becomes much clearer, and I notice all lights are turned off and it's dark outside. I remember that I want to stay lucid for longer than an instant and touch the wall of my bedroom to feel the texture. After that I start spinning around, since I read everywhere that that is a good way to stabilize a dream. Now the dream has been stabilized I decide to test the extent of my lucid control by seeing how far I can walk from my house before completely losing lucidity. I don't bother changing clothes and walk out of the house in my sleep attire. Once outside, I notice my clothes have automatically adapted to the situation, because now I'm wearing jeans and a shirt. It's not dark anymore and I start walking. To my right there are some children with broken bycicles and they run towards me, claiming I had promised to fix at least two of their bikes for them. I realise it's just a dream and that these kids are preventing me from starting my mission and just walk away, since they're only dream kids anyway. About 50 m away from my house the dream tries to take over and I become semi-lucid again.

      My father and an unknown friend of his are walking with me, and I guess we're talking about those kids with the bikes from earlier, because we spot a rack with three bikes in them, of which two are all rusted and broken. I guess these were the two bikes I had to fix. I notice that I'm semi-lucid and I remembered to stabilize. There were some brick houses nearby and I walked up to one. I touched the walls and felt their texture, and after that I decided what the hell, I'll lick it(I did this on purpose, because I read that licking or tasting something in your dream helps to stabilize it and I knew it was also a ToTM). I regain complete lucidity after this.

      I'm happy I regained lucidity and continue my walk, leaving my father and his unknown friend behind me. As I walk further and further, I notice that the only people I see are women, and they're almost always on bikes(I guess bikes played a big role in this dream ). They all look at me as if they're mad at me for something. Walking further I realise it has become dark really fast, while I have only walked about 200 m. The further I get, the darker it gets, and also the eerier the surroundings. It still looks like my neighboorhood streetwise, but I see a woman standing approximately 50 m away to the northwest, and behind her I see a really dark tank, like those used in the army. Beyond this point lucidity escapes me and the dream takes over.

      I don't remember what happened next. From what I can tell I think I walked a total of 400 m. Next time I will find my Dream Guide/Subconscious. I have some questions for him/her.

      lucid , memorable
    6. Saving my little sister

      by , 04-21-2013 at 06:28 PM
      My memory of the dream starts from the point where I'm walking down a street in my neighbourhood and I notice some people yelling near the block my house is on. I come closer and I see 3 guys wearing skimasks running around, I think they were trying to steal something from one of the nearby shops when probably they were noticed. Not especially odd, since they were stealing literally in broad daylight.

      Apparently my little sister, and I believe one of my older sisters, are with me and one of the criminals managed to get his hand on my little sister to use as hostage. He held a gun to her and threatened to shoot her if anyone would try to get near them. As soon as I saw a gun pointed at my defenseless sister as she was being used by those pieces of scum, I felt some kind of fearless strength suddenly rising within me extremely fast and I knew I was going to save her no matter what.

      There were three guys, one was holding my sister and the other two were frantically running around him. I spotted an opening when the guy holding my sister aimed his gun at someone else and I ran for him, knocked him over and ran away with my sister running on front of me, so I could take any shots aimed at her with my body. All three of them start shooting at us, and as we were almost around the corner of the builings one bullet grazed her arm and I took a bullet to my back and my left arm.

      We escaped the robbers, or whatever criminals they were, and now we were in a room much like my bedroom. My sister is lying down and she is happy I saved her. I am standing and I just can't seem to shake the feeling that even though we made it, she got hurt in the process, and that I should have prevented it. I know we're in a house where my parents and other sisters are as well and decide to go out of the room to do something, I don't know exactly what. At this point my memory of the dream stops.

      I woke up shortly after this dream and it left me feeling a bit sad for about 10 seconds or so, which is extremely long for me. I guess this dream did a number on me
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    7. His own gas station

      by , 04-19-2013 at 09:31 AM
      My memory of this dream starts from the point where I'm at my university, in one of the classrooms on the second floor. I'm sitting next to my best friend and a few tables to the left I see more of my friends. It seems we're about to have a test and the teacher goes around the room to hand out the exam sheets. One of my friends, Feicko, thinks the teacher is cute and makes a pass at her. I don't remember her response because as soon as I looked at Feicko, I remembered that he wanted to have his own gas station and that I promised to support him.

      All of a sudden I find myself in my sister's car on the side of the highway and I see some of my friends driving by, and I know they're headed to Feicko's new gas station. As soon as I saw an opening, I joined the traffic on the highway and it just so happens that my best friend is driving behind me in a similar car, the only difference is the color: I'm driving metallic silver and he's driving black. Not far from where I joined the traffic the road bends to the right and I decided to follow it. But then I saw all of my friends exit the highway on the right just before the curb and I immediately step on the brakes, because I don't want to miss this exit and find another way to get back. So I put the car in reverse, back up and take the exit.

      Now I'm standing next to the guard rail. I can see Feicko's gas station and although it's easy to reach, I stand there wondering how the hell I'm going to get there. Then all of a sudden one of my teachers from elementary school shows up, only to show me that there is a green mini pipe(exactly like in the super mario games) hidden in the guard rail and that the other end is near the gas station. I try to go inside the pipe, but it's just too small and I tell him that. He says that it's not that difficult, you just have dive in it hand first as if you're jumping in a swimming pool. He then proceeds to tell me that the small size sometimes makes it difficult to get to the end of the tunnel and that he once was stuck just before the end. This freaked me out, because the tunnel went underground and if you were to get stuck, no one would find you and you'd die. After this either my memory of the dream or the dream itself ends.

      Too bad I couldn't become lucid this time, despite all the oddities stacking up in front of my eyes . Well, next time I'll succeed!
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    8. Granny's car will get me killed

      by , 04-17-2013 at 11:02 AM
      I am walking out of the Sanquin bloodbank building near my house, and it feels as if I have received some kind of treatment for a disease of sorts, but I'm not sure. As I walk towards the sidewalk to start my short walk home(my house is literally 150 m away) I spot an old couple standing near a car and waving at me as if they were relatives who'd come to pick me up and drop me off at home. I remember that someone would indeed come to pick me up, so I walk towards them and what appeared to be a bright green Nissan Juke(ugly as shit ). I open the door to the back seat and sit down. The old lady takes the seat behind the wheel and starts the car.

      She drives off and I know we have to take a right at the traffic lights and I convey that to the old lady, who indeed takes a right turn. Much to my surprise this road doesn't look anything like anything near my house and it also appears to be a dead end with a series of containers(those which are transported by ship) connected to each other.

      The old lady and I get out, while the old man stays seated in the car, and we went on to explore the insides of the containers. They're full of old leaves and we came across a rusteld old bicycle. It was incredibly silent and there was an eerie feel to everything. For some reason I was certain that there were zombies around and that we had to get out of this alley as quickly as possible. We run back to the car, to see the old man just lying there with what seemed to be an infection on his neck. I told the old woman that I was going to drive and for some reason I fistbump the old man before sitting in the car.

      As soon as I'm in the car, I notice were at the harbour and there are people next to my side of the car. They seem normal, but their eyes look evil. One of them pretends it wants to ask me something so I would open the door, but I refuse and try to start the car to just get the hell out of there. The car won't start and I start to panick a little, because I know they could just break the glass and bite me. I notice that my family has already been infected and it fills me with sadness as well as defeat, because even if I were to escape, I still would have lost. Apparently the old lady also feels defeated and decides to not prolong the waiting. She gets out of the car to get bitten by the zombies. I see that and know that I'm next if I don't do something. I wasn't lucid, but I decided to put a stop to this dream before things got out of hand. I closed my eyes and reopened them in real life, in my bed.

      I haven't played ZombiiU for a while, guess my subconscious missed it .
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