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    Somniloquent G

    1/19/11 - 10

    by , 01-20-2011 at 11:39 PM (537 Views)
    [SIZE="3"][COLOR="Black"]1/19/11 - 10[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE="1"][COLOR="#808080"](Non-lucid)[/COLOR][/SIZE]


    [COLOR="#808080"][/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"]1) I'm in a fancy hotel, many stories up and in front of three elevators. There's a guy with orangish hair. [/COLOR][COLOR="#808080"]I forget what happened, but [/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"]I remember him on the ground when a bunch of other people showed up. [/COLOR][COLOR="#808080"] Perhaps we were fighting? [/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"]I walk into an elevator and H walks into the next elevator over. Another person walks into H's elevator and H asks him, "Are you looking for a sl*t?" I'm very upset by this, as she might be asking him if he wants sex. This is a very scary thought, although I think that she meant it more along the lines of, "You've come to the wrong place if you're looking for that." I didn't hear her say that, but I imagine she would because she's a moral person and I trust her.

    On my elevator, there's a person with his arm in a cast. There's a huge red stain on it and you can tell it's bloody.

    We get off of the elevator and I walk with K. A couple approaches us and asks us if we fish, to which I respond, "Not often," even though I don't fish at all. The couple inform us that they're from western Massachusetts and they fish out there. I tell them that I'm from Boston; I really want to tell them that I go fishing in Maine and have this urge for a while, but when I finally get ready to tell them, I realize, at the last second, that Cape Cod is closer to Boston (I envision a map of New England in my head). I tell them that I fish in Cape Cod.

    I go to walk up a staircase. I see BP, LC, RSG, and some old people. I shake their hands. I thought that I had seen RSG earlier in the dream, but I wasn't sure if it was him so I didn't talk to him out of fear of embarrassing myself talking to someone who I didn't know. It turned out that it really was him, and he came over and said hi to me.

    2) I'm running through a Minecraft forest. I'm getting away from my home because my community had elected an inanimate object [/COLOR][COLOR="#808080"](at the time I knew what, but I forget now)[/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"] to be its god. I found this idea absurd and potentially dangerous? so I ran away. I'm going to start a new life. In the forest, I find a chest.

    3) NBA tells me that we're going to China. I can tell from the look on his face that he spilled the beans - I wasn't supposed to know. It's not a big deal, though, because I find out immediately after anyways? We walk down a rural path and NBA explains to me the situation.

    We're near an old church, which I climb up. There are things to do at the top, where I'm in a type of tower? I look down at the street and talk to NBA from atop the church tower.

    4) I'm on a bus and there's a creeper from Minecraft? I get off of the bus at some sort of station, and there are a couple of adults who get off as well.

    5) There are a bunch of people from my grade who are on top of the roof of some buildings. Looking across the horizon, we can see a suburban area stretching out for miles. MK and CH are on the roof with me.

    6) I'm at DV, but it's a physical place - not a website. I walk into my usual room and see MG, JFA, and JF. I ask a student for help on my homework, but I realize immediately after asking him that he's not in my class and wouldn't have the same homework assignment as me.

    I'm walking down a hallway with MG?

    7) My parents are scolding me for something?

    8) I'm thinking about skateboarding and how nobody does it anymore. I remember back in the '90s everybody used to skateboard, and there were two very famous skateboarders. I try really hard to remember their names; eventually, I realize that both of them were named Tony. ... One of them was Tony Hawk! He put out a series of video games, I think. I can't remember the name of the other guy, but his first name was Tony too. I tell my dad that it's funny that no one skateboards anymore. Back in the '90s, I would see movies and TV shows all the time where everyone skated to high school.

    9) continuation of 8?? [/COLOR][COLOR="#808080"]This was a really long and awesome dream. I don't remember much of it at all, but it seems like it was really long.[/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"]

    I need to make a trade or receive some very important package. My dad sends me out to get it; I skateboard? throughout a suburban-looking area? and eventually down X Street. I go into a shop? and tell the girl to come to my dad's shop so we can exchange the packages? The girl's name is Samsara - she's a beautiful blonde around 17 years old, but I don't really trust her. Perhaps it's the gravity of the deal that makes it so uncomfortable. I'm on edge, as this is [I]extremely[/I] important.

    I go up and down Y Street because I'm nervous and want to have perfect timing. Samsara is going to my dad's store, and I was successful in going to tell her to come. I go into my dad's store and talk with dad while waiting for Samsara to arrive.

    I'm at home and see that my little brother has taken my stuff. Somehow, my brother took the stuff that was supposed to be mine and now I'm left without winning anything in the deal. (My brother replaces Samsara and he/she swindled me?) I'm really disappointed and mad at him for taking what should've been mine. I sullenly walk across the lawn, which is blocky and made out of LEGOs? I go inside and walk down the hallway. I see K?

    10) I walk into the headquarters of a TV station? There are a lot of people sitting around a conference table. I talk to them and then leave.

    I'm in the same building, but on the floor below. I can see the conference room, which is raised above the first floor and is visible because it sticks out from the lobby or something, with a staircase going up to it. JL comes over to me and tells me that my name is on the top of the complaint book! I run over towards an enormous swarming of people and make my way to the table. Sure enough, there's a "Complaint book" with a list of everybody's who's complained about the company. My name is at the top of the list, much to my dismay. It's in a differently colored font? I tell JL that I didn't want my name on the book in public like that and I didn't really even complain that much in the first place.[/COLOR][/INDENT]

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