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    Somniloquent G

    1/20/11 - 5

    by , 01-20-2011 at 11:53 PM (485 Views)
    [SIZE="3"][COLOR="Black"]1/20/11 - 5[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE="1"][COLOR="#808080"](Non-lucid)[/COLOR][/SIZE]


    [COLOR="#808080"][/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"]1) I'm watching a TV show/movie with my mother in a dimly lit room. My little brother comes in and starts messing with the TV, changing the contrast, brightness, etc., by pressing buttons on the actual TV itself. One of the things he changes is the lucidity, and on the bottom of the TV is says "LUCIDITY" (or maybe it was lucidness) and there are a row of bars underneath that correlate to whether he's pushing buttons to make it go up or down. I don't give it a second thought, figuring that "lucidity" is just another TV resolution thing like brightness or contrast.

    2) I'm on a Minecraft map, making a bridge. I'm building with glass for the part I'm on. It's nighttime and there are several torches around to keep the area well-lit. I'm attacked???

    3) I'm in school. I just finished taking a math? exam and some people are staying to take another. I see TB, who doesn't have a shirt on. I ask him how it's going and give him a chest bump. We walk into the bathroom and I put a T-shirt on. I leave the bathroom and hear that the French exam might be today, too. I don't want to miss it, so I stay at school despite my dad being outside, ready to pick me up. I see OG (and SA?) and ask if they're staying.

    4) continuation of 3?? I'm on the second floor of my school and talk to BS. We play a mini-game on a type of half-pipe in the middle of the hallway. There's someone else there who we talk to, but that person eventually leaves. I go to my locker, but to my astonishment it's not there! The wall there is being painted, and a couple of lockers in my general area are also missing. I double check the area around me to make sure I'm in the right place, and sure enough I am, since room xxx is right next to where my locker should be. I'm really upset that my locker isn't there.

    5) False awakening? I check my dream journal. One of my notes said, "Pocahontas" and another I interpreted to describe dream 1. I'm pretty upset that I missed becoming lucid upon seeing "LUCIDITY" flash across the TV screen in my dream?[/COLOR][/INDENT]

    Looking back on those dreams, I probably should've become lucid. I saw TB, who I haven't seen in real life for years. My locker was literally missing from the row, and it was just a wall there. Oh yeah, and the word "LUCIDITY" flashed across the screen in all caps!!! :shock:

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