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    Mini Sports Car Joy Ride

    by , 01-25-2017 at 12:56 AM (459 Views)
    I was apparently at some sort of store where somebody was planning to steal a tiny miniature sports car about the size of a skateboard. They were going to cause a distraction and then steal it. But somehow, the distraction was caused but I ended up stealing it. I went out the back way, sat on the car and sped off and drove for a few blocks, pretty fast, low to the ground. Then I turned it around and drove back. When I returned to the store I tossed it to a friend who was there. I believe he took a ride on it too. I did not get in trouble.

    There was a mob meeting that I attended. We all wore different sorts of masks. Somebody was trying to say that I had done something bad like ratted on somebody and I was saying that I had not.

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