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    Music Theme

    by , 01-23-2017 at 05:55 AM (618 Views)
    I remember a couple fragments of music themed dreams.

    First I was standing with a group of people playing guitars. I was playing some kind of digital guitar stick. We were all playing together. My guitar stick could sound like an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar.

    Later, I was talking with the female lead singer of an amateur rock band. They played an outside gig in a city and virtually no one attended. I tried to give her encouragement and suggestions. I also helped her and her band load equipment into their vehicle.

    Later, I believe I was riding in that same vehicle, a van. There was a commode sitting in the middle and I used it because I had to poop. But then I was embarrassed because I stunk up the van and I apologized.

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    1. GraySkiesABob's Avatar
      I wish i had a guitar stick that could sound like acoustic and electric are you familiar with a djentstick? definetely doesnt sound acoustic, but check out a wolf amongst ravens video by after the burial if youre curious what a djentstick is, that just made me think of it.
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    2. GoCatDave's Avatar
      Cool! I will.