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    First Lucid, a vauge memory.

    by , 11-03-2010 at 02:45 AM (773 Views)
    Ah, so I finally decided to get off my ass and start up a dream journal. I can't clearly remember a dream for today (last night?), so I thought I'd post my very first lucid, accomplished about 25 days after my first attempt via DILD.

    I am walking down a street, when suddenly I get the urge to reality check. Doing so proves to me that I am, in fact, asleep. I force myself calm and rub my hands, having heard that hand-rubbing is a nice way to increase clarity. At the time, I was really interested in the concept of Dream Guides, and decided to set off to find my own. I decide to head back home, to see if perhaps my guide was there, ya'know, chilling. So I pop open my door and, holy crap the place I emerge into is my house, but turned into one big party. Yeah, weird. Flashing colored lights, blaring music, tons of people. I look around and see the crazy variety of guests, from strange pumpkins to green cyclopses to regular people. I look up and see an odd pumpkin flying near a disco ball. Strange. I yell "DREAM GUIDE! ARE YOU HERE?!". I look back down and see a familiar looking man in a blue jumpsuit. Long brown hair, blue eyes. I realize in a strange joy; It's motherfucking Russel Brand There he was. My DG. A respected comedian. I was overjoyed.

    A bit of a blank here, but then it resumes.

    There we where. Me and Russel, walking down a road at night. I remember him talking about the cruelty of the world, and we exchanged opinions.

    Another blank.

    I seem to be back at my house, minus the party. However, it seems we're moving out, so me and Russel help out in the moving a bit. Carrying boxes, we're walking down a path that I recognized leads to my house in real life. I suddenly remember, hey I wanna fly. So I talk to my DG and he teaches me how to fly. He's very cooperative, I notice. So he gives me an odd pair of shoes, (that looked a lot like the hover boots from zelda) with some strange triangles tucked inward at the sole. The boxes seem to have vanished at this point. I kick them on, and do as Russell says and with a sound like an unseathing sword, two sharp triangles pop out of the bottom. He explains they are hover boots, and that they're great for begginers. It was such an odd feeling, like balancing on a skateboard while hovering high in the sky. It was an amazing feeling.

    Sadly, the dream began to fade at that point and I promptly found myself on my bed, which a few RCs proved real. The whole ordeal lasted around 15 minutes, and was a bit foggy, but passable.

    And THAT, my friends, was my very first Lucid Dream.

    THE END.

    Hopefully a decent dream for tomorrow.

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    1. Emiko's Avatar
      You accomplished a lot for a first lucid. Well done!
    2. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      Congratulations on finding your Dream Guide your first lucid! That is awesome that you have a gift from your dream guide.
    3. MrPWNGE's Avatar
      Wow! That's Awesome! And THAT was your first lucid dream?! I GUARANTEE that your going to be a master Lucid Dreamer in AT LEAST a month! I wish I could Lucid Dream though. I want to explore my old neighborhood without driving 14 hours down the road! I want meet Mario and Luigi and fight Bowser face-to-face! Oh well.