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    Phantom Friends

    by , 04-28-2018 at 02:25 AM (85 Views)
    [From November 17, 2016]

    I don't remember the beginning, but here we go.

    I am staying at someone's house. Apparently, I have done something wrong, so I am placed in this room with "evil" spirits who are meant to drive me insane.

    Yes, there are spirits in this room. One is particularly active. I can only see him when he comes close to me, and he disappears when he moves too far away. He looks terrifying: a black humanoid mass with a crooked head, bloodshot eyes and a wide-open mouth. I am at first afraid, but soon notice the way he shies away when I come near. He does not intend to hurt me. He seems curious, but afraid.

    I greet him and begin talking to him, using humor and turning the lights off to make the environment more comfortable. Slowly his form changes into something more human and then into a man, now emitting a bright blue glow. I am cracking jokes and making him laugh; as he smiles, his aura glows brighter. He is wearing something rather silly - booty shorts and a tropical shirt. He cannot physically speak, but communicates through vibrations, which works better than words in this situation.

    We talk about art; apparently he is an artist, so I conjure some of my artwork. He also enjoys talking about holidays and Halloween. He has some rather fond memories of his family. I ask him why he is wearing such a ridiculous outfit, and he says he thinks it is rather funny.

    As we communicate, other spirits gather around. One is another man and the other is a woman who adorns a tangle of red hair. They all look weathered, but lighten up as they listen in and communicate with me and the others. The dream ends shortly after this. It was a rather pleasant dream.

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