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    29/10/2016 Group Captain

    by , 10-30-2016 at 10:43 AM (735 Views)
    I'm running in a long distance race with a few others. It is very vivid but not lucid. We go round a corner and then have to climb a steep incline. At the top we get bogged down in mud, and have to jump across a small gap, but there's a weird sort of matting under foot. I stop and opposite me is a guy who is obviously the instructor on the course. He stares at me and after quite a long while says, "don't I know you?", although I'm not sure I actually hear the words. He is in his thirties with a neatly trimmed but full beard and moustache, with neat hair and a young looking face. I move on and slide down a steep slope to the ground the other side, realising that he is a group captain, and I have a strong wish that I was a group captain as well.
    On the ground I start walking along a path with a concrete wall on my left, and I suddenly become aware that I'm dreaming. I put my hand up to the wall and look closely at it, trying to stabilise by inspecting it. The wall has a coarse granular appearance with sparkling particles in it, but I can't seem to focus properly on it. I move on a bit and try again, but the same thing happens. There seems to be a weird fuzziness to the surface.
    I get frustrated with that and decided that I need to change the scene, so the wall disappears and I move over to where there is a small tree and I put my arms out around it. Then I get the urge to fly up and I levitate straight up and above the tree. I move up quite slowly at first, but then as I glance around I can see some houses, but it's a bit vague.
    Then almost as suddenly I'm back on the ground, but at the edge of a cliff, way above a bay with the sea below. Without any fear I decide to dive into the bay below and I jump up and dive down. At first I accelerate quite fast but then as I go down my speed slows a bit to a steady pace. Down below I can see a sort of long cloud that at first looked to be on the water, but the water is way below and this cloud is above. As I approach it the cloud comes up to me, and then it becomes a woman in a long white flowing dress. She flies up to meet me, and I pull up into the air with her as we come close together.
    (All this was lucid).
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    1. Serene's Avatar
      Wow that is a beautiful dream! Good job!