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    1. Puppies, fish and zombie cats.

      by , 08-08-2012 at 04:31 PM
      I'm trying to keep my giant betta fish alive by adding drops of stress-relief to the water of his huge tank. I check his color periodically, he always looks pale.

      A tiny beagle puppy swims around in a bowl filled with doggy-safe soup, eating chunks of meat and vegetables as he goes.

      Our missing cat and recently put-down cat are at the front door, the should-be-dead one looks bedraggled and skinny, and has a chunk of fur missing from his face. It dawns on us (me and my mom) that we had him put down a month ago and, rather nonchalantly, we decide that we'll just have to bring him back to get put down again.

      Vague foggy sex dream with R.
      dream fragment