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    1. The Cool Kid's Table, Tooth Adventures and Texas Graduation

      by , 07-22-2014 at 12:03 AM
      I am sitting at a table in my old high school's cafeteria.*

      *I am not sure if this is merely a fleeting fragment of a separate dream in and of itself or if it is a precursor/transition to:

      I am in New Orleans, sitting at a table - circular, black wrought iron - on the sidewalk outside of a series of buildings that include: The Boot, The Mushroom and Crepes a la Cart. At my table are a mix of people I knew from high school and college. There are a few more tables, of the same type, on either side of me. They have the same general mix of high school and college acquaintances. I vaguely recall that one of the adjacent tables has the "tier 1" cool kids and my table has the "tier 2" still-cool-but-not-as-cool-kids (reminiscent of the popularity hierarchy of lunch tables at my middle school).

      One of the kids, either at my table or the adjacent table, ask if I had sex with this one girl; she is sitting at one of the two tables (my recollection is hazy as to which). I, at least in my dream, was certain that I did in fact have sex with her (I have no idea where the absolute certainty in my dream came from). However, I don't answer the question directly, instead I nonchalantly shrug off the question in a way that indicates that I did, but I prefer to be a coy dick about it.

      People get up and start to leave. A guy at my table is frantically looking around. I see, now that everyone has gotten up, that there is a bunch of junk strewn under the table. I bend down to look and see a man's bra* on the ground as well as a wad of money. The guy searching tell me he is looking for a credit card, which I see it on the ground, under a chair, and hand to him.

      *Literally no idea why - however I explicitly clarified that the bra was a man's in the dream journal I use upon walking up (it is to be noted that I wrote it in a half-sleep daze).

      Next Dream:

      I am looking in a mirror and see that one of my bottom teeth, in the middle of the bottom row, is sticking out higher than the rest and is quite loose/wobbly. I doesn't hurt though. I decide to get it looked at. In order to get to the dentist I go to Ochsner Hospital in New Orleans and use this pseudo-helicopter contraption I find there. It is incredibly small, similar in scale to a smart car - if not smaller, and very high tech; there is just enough room inside to sit down comfortably. From the Hospital it autopilots me to the dentist. Directly in front of me is a flat screen monitor that displays where I am as there are no windows. The screen shows me circling the entire world, in maybe 30 seconds, before crossing back over North America to New Orleans. During the trip these mechanical arms come out and give me a shot of something into my mouth which I vaguely remember as fleetingly numbing my mouth (possibly Novocain).

      I land on the roof of a building and flatten/fold up the pseudo-copter so that I can carry it around with me; it is very light. I make my way down to a hallway with doors for medical and business related offices on either side. My dentist (in the dream - not reality)* is in this hallway. However, I find a different business when I walk into his office. I slip out before anyone sees me and walk back and forth down the hallway thinking that I may have used the wrong door. After a few rounds I check the sign outside the should-be office door. Apparently, the dentist had changed offices, but did not inform me.

      *He is, in reality, an old family-friend and a physician my family often goes to in NYC, but for whatever reason he is my dream dentist.

      At a stand still I look down the hallway and see Hulk Holgan (HH), in a business suit, talking to a tall black man with short dreadlocks also in a suit. I listen in and hear that the man has hired HH to do a commercial for his burger chain. HH asks for a few minutes to get ready before the commerical starts filming and the chain owner walks into his office.

      As I walk by HH offers to give my tooth a look. I readily agree and offer, in turn, to help him with a slogan for the burger commercial. While checking out my tooth, HH tells me that he was thinking of using "like a million dollars" as the slogan. I think for a second and try "better than cashing a paycheck" which he likes more. HH then pulls out my tooth and I immediately feel better. However, there is now a large gap in the middle of my bottom row of teeth. HH says that I can get a filling later, but it wouldn't close the gap, only make it more stable; I'm not too happy about that, but there is nothing I can do about it at the moment.

      I look around see LaMarcus Aldridge (LA) standing next to HH and me. He offers to go get food with me, but HH tells me not to, that it isn't such a good idea. I ignore him and, with LA, I walk down the hallway. We head outside into a fairly hard rain and I realize that I am at the University of Texas. LA jogs over to an outside basketball court where the University of Texas basketball team is practicing. LA joins them as I walk over to watch the practice. Right past the end of the court, on the side closest to me, is a line of marching band drummers practicing.

      The drummers are in a single file line and all decked out in marching band uniforms. At one side of the line is an administrative-looking older gentleman handing out diplomas and shaking the hands. I walk wast the line and see, about 8 feet beyond the drum line, an adjacent line of brass players (trumpets, etc.) playing their instruments. I keep walking and move past the brass line coming to a small and long hill that levels out into a paved parking lot. The father of an old friend of mine is standing at the top. He shakes my hand and congratulates me on graduating (I think - the dream gets hazy and I wake up around this point).

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    2. Plane Ride to Alaskan Bar

      by , 07-15-2014 at 03:37 AM

      I am on a plane, looking down on the passing ground far below. The ground looks muddy, brown and boulder strewn. Either the sides and floor of the plane are transparent or I am able to see through the opaqueness. I am seated on the floor of the plane, not a seat. I have the feeling that my mom is on the plane with me, possibly in a seat behind me, however I am not sure as my recollection is spotty.

      As the plane begins to descend, a large hill, of the same consistency as the surrounding ground, suddenly appears. The plane skims over it and may have ever so slightly hit it (spotty recollection). Many of the passengers on the plane freak out as this happens. I myself am calm and serene while this happens. I know, somehow, that we wouldn't crash and that the danger was not real or immanent (slight lucidity?).

      The plane lands in what I vaguely think is a layover in Alaska. The passengers head to this bar-club-restaurant(?) owned by the pilot. There is an outside bar with an overhang connected to the main building surrounded by vague Alaskan forest (no snow as far as I can remember). The outside bar is moderately crowded, the inside looking more so.

      I am at the outside bar looking at their beer menu. The menu is a single page, white paper and laminated/plastic-covered. I think that it is a pretty decent selection with Abita, Palm and a few others that I don't recall, however nothing really interests me. An older women walks out of the inside portion of the building and strolls to the outside bar, directly next to me. She is holding a drink, possible two in her hand(s). She asks if I am getting the vodka, presumably what she is drinking, and tells me it is great. I then ask, either the bartender or women (poor recollection) if they had a *Moscow Mule. I remember nothing else.

      *I found out about the drink and tried making it at home a few days ago (real life).