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    The Creator

    by , 10-01-2018 at 04:44 PM (367 Views)
    It begin as normal dream, I was walking with my 'best friend' in some town, when suddenly notice something is not right. So I looked around and asked him, what city is this, I don't recognize it. He didn't say anything. In that moment I saw two absolutely indetical cats and said in loud voice "lol dream artifacts"(I mean glithces like in games) and "am I dreaming". Then my 'best friend' get very upset and said "Why, why you are still able to recognize that you are dreaming, after I tried my best to stop you", I just looked him dazled:o. He was angry and babling some insults in low voice. He turned towards me "OK be your way, next time I will create the dream so perfect, that you will have zero chance to become lucid", he touch my forehead with his index finger. I couldn't move my body anymore, he looked in my eyes "[I]Wake up[/I]"(I heard the voice in my head). I wake up in my bed.

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