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    by , 06-28-2018 at 07:07 PM (620 Views)
    Four months ago I had a LD induced from FA.

    I wake up in living room and immediately gained awarness.(I live in apartment) Everything around was darkish, the lamps doesn't glow enough and the walls were covered in some dark substance like tentacles(or veins), they were like alive, they had a heartbeat(pulsating). I went in the corridor, everything was covered in that stuff, the lamps were flickering. I thought to get out from front door, but behind the door there was a strange noise, so I looked through the spyhole. On the other side of the door there was a black fat monster with big mouth and many teeths, which from time to time was burping with sulphur smell. So I went to my room, the walls were covered also, I thought that I can fly out of windows,but they were covered also, from what I saw through them all the city were covered in that shit. The sun was there, but was a full sun eclipse. In that moment the entire floor started to cover with dark spiders and snakes stuff. I jump on top of my bed. I thought that I can't escape from that, so I just sit on the bed, the dark things were crawling towards me in that moment the lamps gone all dark.

    Suddenly a person appeared on the bed beside me, he was carrying a little flashlight. He looked at me and say "What are you doing, why are you so afraid, everything in here is an illusion. Everything here is part of yourself, look carefully now". He close his eyes and the next moment his little flashlight lit like a big projector. I asked him how did you do it. He said "You must concentrate, use your inner light", "ok I will give it a try". I closed my eyes and focused on light, the next moment the room exploded in very bright light, all blackness started to burn and disapeared. Outside was a bright day, all the darkness was gone "See you can do it, if you just try and remember this is your inner world, your will is everything". I turned towards him and said "perhaps, you are Me". He smiled and vanish. In that moment the dream fall apart and I woke up in my bed.

    Everything changed afterwards. :movingmrgreen:
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    1. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      I find this dream really interesting, in good part because Iím usually more curious about the dark than the light in my dreams, though there is a relationship between the two in my dreams anyway.

      I was wondering, how come this is your only DJ entry here though?