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    Strange ability part 1

    by , 10-01-2018 at 04:34 PM (439 Views)
    Mind Zoom ability
    I see a street full of moving people and cars, a newspaper shop, livng buildings (all normal stuff of a street). Now I can zoom at whatever element I get my eyes on. My line of vision is not limited to straight-line. I see that something is moving on the 2nd floor window in opposite building and I'm starting to zoom, my vision is moving slowly through people and cars to the direction of the window(I have two modes:slow zoom, fast zoom 2x,4x,6x). I see a man face, he is moving in the kitchen. I zoom more and now I'm in the room, can look around if I wish. He sat at the table and start reading a newspaper, I get curious about the newspaper and zoom more. Now I can see the articles, but I can't recognize the language. I only saw the date which is roughly five years from now! My focus suddenly colapse and my vision become blank. I open my eyes.
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