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    Strange Ability Part 2: The Future is Now

    by , 10-01-2018 at 04:38 PM (383 Views)
    I wake up in the morning, but didn't move. Instead I try to call my zooming ability. I didn't try to visualize or imagine anything, I just totaly emptied my mind. A scene of far away big city at night appeared in front my eyes. The city was full of tall buildings and several skyscrapers. I use fast zoom(2x) several times. There were 3 skyscrapers that took my attention, they were grouped in triangle. Two smaller in front and one taller in the middle behind them. On top of the tallest there were a tower with large metal ring-thing on top of her and something that resemble a man beneath her, so I zoomed futher. The man was looking at me, he said something that I didn't catch, then he point at me with his finger. His face was very serious, he raised his arms toward the sky and say with very loud voice "The Future is Now". The giant ring split to six rings which starting to rotate around each other and emit strange light. When they were rotating fast enough, a big portal appeared with a flash. The portal started to pull me in, like a black hole. Last thing I saw before being sucked in, was the wicked smile of the man.

    My vision go black for second and I wake up on the ground. I have a body now and was dressed in some sort of military uniform with vest and helmet. I was holding a submachine gun, I was needed a little more time for all of my senses to catch on. A fellow soldier grab my hand and forcefully raise me on my feets. He said loudly "get a move on soldier, do you want to die like a coward". It was a night and large battle was all around me. There were tanks, choppers, artilery at both sides. Explosion after explosion, bullets flying all around. I don't who or why we were fighting, so I run 15 meters on the side and jump in a shell hole. I started to wonder where the hell I was. I looked at my gun, there was some letters inscribed on him - "H&K MP7A1-XXX". I remembered them and close my eyes with intention to go back. I saw a bright light and clicking noise, in next moment I wake up in my bed. I google the number while still was in my head and the base model of my machine gun showed up H&K MP7 with some modifications.

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