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    Strange ability Part 3: Animus Grid

    by , 10-01-2018 at 04:40 PM (326 Views)
    It's time for new portion of supernatural.:alien:

    I emptied my mind and lose the sense of my body and suddenly my mind was floating above my body. This time I use zoom out several times. I saw the roof of my house, then I'm little over my hometown, then over the country. Everything is in real time(aka clouds are moving, sun is shining). With the final zoom-out I heard some sort of electronic voice in the background "[I]Accessing satellite grid.....granted......Animus system online[/I]"(sound of large machine powering up).

    Now I was able to see the whole planet from the orbit and can control everything with my mind. I rotate the planet around, like in google earth but in much greater details. I decided to go back in time and see the dinosaurs, so I reverse the earth rotation and speeded up. I could control the speed of reversing the time. At first, I do it more slowly like 100 years per second and increased to 1000 years/s after 20 seconds. I can't quite explain with words, what I saw. Whole countries dissapears in front of my eyes.

    In 10000 b.c I stopped for 30 seconds and zoom in to Africa and saw half naked people who chased a herd of Mammoths and hunting them. At zoom level of about 10000m over the ground, I started to reverse time again, but this time alot faster. I saw huge floodings and even continents moving around and shaping in different forms.

    Finally at 65 milion of years b.c, I zoom in to 500m and saw groups of dinosaurs running around, herbivorous and carnivorous alike. I saw the flying ones(i don't remember their name), bunch of raptors that was chasing after smaller dinos. Heard something in the background again "[I]energy criticaly low.....Shutdown Imminent [/I]", but I chose to ignore it. I saw a T-Rex fighting a Triceratops and zoom in very close. Lol the 3D movies were nothing before that, a dino fight in all his glory. At the end the T-Rex snap the neck of the Triceratops and there was alot of blood and gore, so I get disgusted from the sight:boggle:. In this moment everything turned black in front of my vision and I heard [I]"Animus system offline.....Emergency protocol activated"[/I]. Lol like something snapped me in my body, so when I open my eyes, I was in my room again.

    What do you think about that? I was fully lucid the entire time and knew who I am.

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