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    Getting ganged (lucid!)

    by , 07-14-2013 at 06:41 PM (313 Views)
    I had a ton of dreams last night, only they were all short.

    This one took place after waking up from a short one, so I'd classify it as WBTB.

    Length: ~5 min
    Type: Lucid

    Some guys rolled up in a truck, two of them had guns. I realized this was a dream after cowering behind a tree. I was torn, because I wanted to have a lucid dream, but I didn't want to get shot in it, so I did a RC to make sure. Then I jumped out and tried to imagine them catching on fire, it didn't work the way I planned, but at least something scared them off. Most likely me willing them to go away. Then I flew after their truck a little bit. It was amazing, zipping past the trees like that, floating above ground. Pure awesomes. After that I forget what happened. But those were the highlights.

    PS: I'd just like to say the nose RC is the best. There's nothing more satisfying than breathing in through your fingers and realizing your in your own dream.

    Edit: Oh! I almost forgot, the reason I was inclined to believe I was dreaming was because there was a girl who looked like my dream sign in the shotgun seat. Plus this whole thing of pulling up in a truck and ganging a teenager was sort of... weird.

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