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    More pleasant dreams. Weird awakening

    by , 07-17-2013 at 07:34 PM (425 Views)
    Yet another pleasant nightmare from the deep depths of my clear soul.

    It started off with me in my house. Some guys broke in. (Did I mention that its long but I have bad recall?). A couple days later, they broke in again. We were trying to recover from the first time, so there wasn't much to steal.

    I was up in my room. Strangely enough, the only things that looked like my house, were the outside (with the exception of a few sheds), and my room, the rest looked like a beach house I go to every summer. Since I was up in my room, I was safe. For some reason they only messed up the kitchen.

    A couple days later, I was talking to my neighbors (not Jerry this time), and then I heard some alarm. I could hear windows crashing. Everyone ran away to behind a wood pile to hide, there were some sheds there (that do NOT exist in waking life). I tried to run but I couldn't move fast at all (a tell-tale sign of one of my nightmares). So I slid down, I though one of them was coming after me, but they were apparently too involved in their kitchen-robbery. I came down into a shed with a smaller boy than me, about 10 or 12, and he had a baby-ish face. He talked to me about something, can't remember what, and then I closed my eyes, out of scared-ness.

    This... is where it gets weird. I can't describe it all in this, its already long enough, but I'm starting a thread about what the heck happened. Anyways...

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    1. GrannyPigms's Avatar
      Jesus Christ, I have a lot of nightmares.

      Here's the link to that thread about the weird awakening, any help is appreciated: http://www.dreamviews.com/general-dr...ml#post2035330