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    My first quality Lucid dream!

    by , 06-13-2013 at 04:49 PM (622 Views)
    Length: 1 hour (total)
    Type: Lucid (half lucid half not lucid)

    I was talking to my friend Josh from middle school (in my middle school, even though its summer). He was saying something, but I can't remember what. I then remembered in the dream, that I had just WILD'd (first successful WILDing!). So I told him this
    "Bro, this is a dream, I can do whatever I want, because its not real."
    He gave me his usual "your crazy" smile. The dream started to go fuzzy, as if I were losing it. The whole halls were bending around like I was spinning, and I tried to stop thinking and look at my hands to stabilize my dream. I couldn't, I had fell asleep ON my hands. I tried to not focus on much without closing my eyes, it worked.

    After that, I started walking about and testing some lucid dreaming control, the most memorable was trying to turn a guy into a teddy bear because he was being a bully to me once, but he turned into paper instead. I was sitting on a bench in a garden trying to think this whole lucid stuff through, when a girl I knew walked up to me. She had gotten the plans about which classes we would be in next year, she told me them, then quoted Rena (my awesomely awesome best language arts teacher ever) on something. Then I woke up, at least I thought I did.

    The next part of this is kind of fuzzy, so bear with me.
    I was driving down a hill or something, and through the trees I saw a space center. I looked at the launch tower, and thought about spaceshuttles, and how they don't launch them anymore. By thinking about it it actually made it happen, so I saw a spaceshuttle. I should have recognized this as a dream, but I didn't OK? Sue me. We drove along and I saw this scene play out from a kid's cartoon I used to watch. There were poles blocking us from entering a cave, but we drove through them anyways, down there there was a polar bear, and we got in a fight with icicles and rocks.
    (memory blindness)
    I woke up (for real this time). I then realized what the hell happened, and this is what did happen:

    1. I woke up around 7:00 I think I tried to WILD and succeeded!
    2. All that first dream stuff happens
    3. False awakening into that second dream
    4. All that second dream stuff happens
    5. Woke up for reals, and then got a huge confidence boost.
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    1. Unbound's Avatar
      That sounds like a very nice LD, congratulations!
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