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    Ups and downs [Lucid!]

    by , 08-08-2013 at 05:01 PM (617 Views)
    Isn't it funny how after I had a lucid dream I had two nights without anything?

    Welp, now I had another.

    Oh, mind...

    It started off with me in Africa with some cousins (We don't have any cousins in Africa, weirdness..). We were walking around a market and bought a watermelon then went on our way. I remember carrying two slices out of five. We came along a mud puddle and we jumped in it. For no reason.

    *Memory blindness*

    We then came to an intersection. To the left was a slight hill leading back to the marketplace, the front and back were a dirt road. On the left there was a small forest that ended a couple yards ahead. The sky was mostly cloudy, with some patches gray. It was raining.
    We met with some guy who was chubby, short, white, and had glasses. Everyone started talking to him except for me, my brother, and my younger cousin. He looked to be about 6 by the way.

    I started thinking about this trip. And how the airline ride went. Then I realized; there was no airline trip. I thought I just might have forgotten it, but then I did thought about doing a RC. Then my aunt said "Oh no, I can breathe, its a dream! We're not real!"
    I did and RC for myself, and I could breathe! I started thinking about all this stuff I wanted to do, and the task of the month and all.

    My mind, kind of got overwhelmed. I could feel it too, that anxiety of wanting to do things. The sky started flashing different colors. I started to remember the DV podcast, then I remembered the "Making out with the ground" trick.
    I layed down and started, uh, making out with the ground. I will admit, it took my mind off dreaming, I guess because you can't see anything, just dirt. Plus your preoccupied with thinking it'll work. The sky stopped flashing, and everyone looked like they didn't know a thing.

    I figured I would go to France. No particular reason. I just haven't gone there before. I then tried to teleport but instead my mind brought up a map of the world. I punched France with my fist, and it took me too another map with a map of France. I popped Paris and it made me turn right. It all seemed like a really badly made video game, but it seemed to do the trick. I walked out, and I could see the Eiffel tower! I was a long ways away though, so I tried to teleport again.

    But as we all know, for me, teleporting twice is a death sentence.

    My eyes in real life quickly opened, then I realised what I'd done and tried to fall asleep again.

    ly it didn't work.

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    1. JoannaB's Avatar
      That's a nifty lucid! Even if it seemed like a poor video game, but I love how you made it to France. Oh, and it's funny how your aunt said that she can breathe and thus is not real. True and yet funny. Lol
      GrannyPigms likes this.
      Updated 08-08-2013 at 10:49 PM by JoannaB
    2. GrannyPigms's Avatar
      Yeah, it was tons of fun.

      She wasn't really freaking out though, she just sort of said it. Like, "Oh, I'm not real."