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    by , 10-19-2017 at 10:30 PM (525 Views)
    So I've been obsessed with disney ducks lately..

    This is gonna be more of a sparknotes version of my dream, but uh..

    I'm in this vacation house, coming out of the shower into my private room. On the other side of one of the walls is the porch. I see through the windows that Darkwing Duck and someone else are sitting on the porch with their backs to me, talking. They're talking about me! I don't remember exactly what they were talking about, but it was negative. I feel bad, but decide not to confront them about it. We've all talked badly about someone when they're not around, and anyway, I feel like they're right about whatever it was they were saying.

    Sometime later, I'm in the foyer of the house. Darkwing and that other person is there. I briefly become lucid for a reason I don't remember. I hold my nose closed and breathe through it to make sure. I see Darkwing, and remember that before I went to sleep I had hoped to dream about Fenton Crackshell. I summon him, then lose lucidity pretty quickly.

    The rest of this part of the dream is just disappointing Fenton. I think we might have been trying to go on a date? (..sorry im like this.) But i kept doing things i shouldnt have or going somewhere and coming back way later than i should have.

    At some point i gain the ability to fly... At the climax of all the BS I've put fenton through, he comes out on the porch to confront me, but i don't want to face him, so i just say, "I'm sorry, Fenton," (or maybe "I'm so sorry," or something) and then fly up into the sky as fast as I can. Then i fly around up high for a while feeling bad.

    Later darkwing's tiny planes get taken by tiny bad people and i call a popular blogger i follow (who inexplicably lives in canada in my dream) and ask her to call for the canadian version of darkwing duck's flight division, but apparently i got the name wrong and asked her to call in the actual canadian airforce, so she was incredulous.

    Later i find out about a disney ducks show i didnt know about (but the charavters were real and in the city i was in), where a crew of spacefaring ducks from the future somehow gets trapped in our time.

    Theres something to do with rearranging the structure of the living room, scrooge is mentioned to live with us, we have a new baby, i see an alligator and a shark that are both contorted strangely and biting themselves and swimming in circles and im told it's because they're gravid with eggs. Something about arranging some numbers to make a picture of a cat for my mom, something about flying around a city as a bird (owl?) hoping to lead some other birds to a safe place from some danger?, something about being trapped in a city of ogres in a video game and i keep respawning in the same tavern and getting killed.

    Lastly i'm at some kind of fair/expo inside a home depot. I look at some expensive clay pots and cups with animals painted on them, and other things made from the same material ("soft clay"?). I look at some other stuff too but i cant remember. My mom comes up to me and asks if i want to play a game with her and her friend in the game room since they need at least three people. She mentions that the game group we were part of, the redshirts, had already started playing, so it was too late for that. I say they're sure to start a new game soon, but she disagrees.

    I look at some other vendors, then see there are tanks of fish. She gets impatient with me and says she's going. I say I'll come as soon as i look at the fish. Once i get down the row of fish, i see that they have reptiles too, which I'm much more excited about. Snapping turtles, geckos, vipers, and more. There's a walking stick there too. Someone near me is talking to a vendor, explaining that they thought since they won a raffle, it meant they could pick any reptile they wanted to take home, and the vendor was explaining that no, he couldn't take home any of the reptiles for free.

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