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    Lots of Things, Mostly Stressful

    by , 07-24-2014 at 12:54 AM (369 Views)
    My friend and I are in the middle of this class tour of an old castle, and I have an app on my phone that tells me if a ghost is around. My friend and I sneak off from the group and go up to this small, dark, cobwebby room near the top of the castle. I pull out my phone and check the app, and it says that there is definitely a ghost nearby. I'm not really sure if I believe the app, so I call out. Nothing happens. My friend and I decide to go to sleep there, and maybe some activity will wake us up. The next morning, there is a framed painting lying on the floor. It shows my friend, asleep with her blanket covering her face and with a very large man sleeping on top of her, and it shows me, my back turned to the "camera", standing and facing a female figure with a very large head standing in a doorway bursting with warm light.

    I show this to my friend and tell her that it obviously means that I met the ghost that night, but she didn't because her face is covered in the painting, even though I can't remember meeting any ghost during the night. I expect her to be frustrated with me and say that I was being very liberal with my interpretation, but to my surprise, she seemed to accept my explanation.

    Later, I'm in a car, and I check my app to see if it acts differently in a setting which obviously doesn't have a ghost. It does, telling me there are no ghosts around.

    Later, I'm climbing a long, long ladder up a cave tunnel. There are two ghost/cave experts with me, one behind me on the latter and one on the floor of the cave looking up. They're both giving me instructions on how to climb the ladder as I struggle to do so. The cave floor is a long way down. Frustrated, I tell them that I've made this trip plenty of times before with no trouble at all, but now that I'm being watched by them, I'm suddenly finding it difficult. I know that we're going back to the room where my friend and I had detected the ghost before, and I don't notice that the previous castle setting as morphed into a cave setting.

    I remember a small fragment where at some point, the 10th Doctor and I are talking to a woman who seems to know quite a bit about the future, but won't let us in on anything. When she says she has to leave, we follow her and find that she's a human who's traveling with a time lord of her own. I wake up then.

    That was last night. I just took a nap and so...

    I dream that Red Vs. Blue, the machinima, is a sort of visual novel-type video game (different from the halo game lol). I'm at the counter of a store and I'm trying to talk to Tucker about something I want to buy, but he's too busy talking to Caboose, who is actually just Charlie Day wrapped in a dark blue blanket. Caboose is intently mimicking everything Tucker says and does, because here, he thinks Tucker is his best friend instead of Church.

    At some point, I'm in a maze made out of that type of wire fence that has the diamonds in it? And I see an animated puppy who looks upset and in pain, and then I go a little further and see the same thing but as a full grown dog. It's a dead-end though, so I turn back. When I do, I find myself being gassed by some sort of sleeping gas. Rarity from My Little Pony comes into view and says she's sorry, but she has to do this. I can see the other ponies in the background. I struggle to move around until I fall to the ground, looking up at them as I fall asleep..

    Later, Russia and Ukraine are launching a joint attack on the US. Left and right, I hear of people dying. I move to go downstairs, but I get a text from my mom saying, "don't worry, it's just a B2" (which is a type of bomber airplaine). Just a B2? I think, then i hear a loud plane noise from overhead. For some reason, because of these things, I abandon the basement and instead search for higher ground.

    Eventually, I do find higher ground. There's a skyscraper near the place where I was talking to Tucker earlier. In one of the top-most floors, there's an arcade. I play a 16-bit arcade game about an anthropomorphic rabbit and his friend, whose species I can't remember. At some point I get a powerup that turns my character into a frog. I meet a lot of species along my adventure, and I'm having fun, when suddenly the game shuts down, and someone hauls the game away, as they tell me that it's being relocated to be shot at in a paintball game. I'm fairly mad about this. My friend, C, arrives and asks about the game, and I tell her the news. "Aw," she says. We turn to see that the wall facing the outside is gone, and instead we can walk right out of the building and jump into this small pool that is filled to the brim, so you can go right to the edge and look over it to the ground, far below. My mom is in the pool, relaxing on a floatie.

    I try to tell my friend about the Russia/Ukraine attack, but she acts very somber and says something like, "Please, I really don't want to hear about that." I understand.

    There is a pool on the ground that is right beside ours, and my friend, to my objections, jumps from our pool all the way down into the pool on the ground. I thought she would then go into the building and take an elevator back up, but instead she climbs up the side of our pool, which now has thick cloth in a woven pattern down the sides. I scold her for being dangerous and doing such a thing. She shrugs lightheartedly. After that, things get stressful. I can only swim around the middle of the small pool, because if I go to the edges, I have a danger of falling off. I have to be very careful because I also have to prevent my mom's floatie from going over the edge. For some reason, getting out isn't an option until later.

    Later, a little girl climbs up the side. I am surprised/stressed/panicked that Chelsea had caused this little girl to follow in her footsteps and do something so dangerous. I yell at the girl and she takes no head of me, and my mom does and my friend does, but to no avail. I tell them that we should all shout the same thing at the same time. It works, and the girl looks at us with a sad face and says a quiet "sorry". I then soften and tell her that we're sorry for being harsh, and to please be very careful when going back down. She gives a soft smile back and thanks us for our concern.

    Lastly, I'm standing in a room with my mom and her friend. They're telling me to do something that I strongly don't want to do, and I think I might have found it a bit morally wrong as well. Thinking that this can't possibly be real, or at least hoping that it's not, I do a reality check, and find myself to be dreaming. I think back to a post from here about how to maintain the dream/lucidity, and I remember that one of the things someone said to do was to NOT be afraid of waking up. Of course, thinking about waking up did not help things. I tried to focus on the dream and to stay in it, but I woke up fairly soon.

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