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    Random Nap Things

    by , 06-03-2016 at 10:55 PM (551 Views)
    Starting to have a hard time remembering my dreams so it's time to start writin' 'em down again.

    Took a nap and had a dream that I was. The bunny from zootopia (whatever her name was). I had just come to the city and, as I knew I wasn't "really" the bunny, I knew I wanted to change some of the movie to make it more fun for me. Instead of getting a small apartment to myself, I roomed with clawhauser.

    At some other point, there was something about an aerial race that was about to begin, but the area was covered in a smokey cloud cover, so they needed someone to clear it out. I was there pretending to be a pilot, but I really wasn't. I wasn't planning on actually flying, but then they selected me to fly up and disperse the clouds. It was either fly a plane that I didn't know how to fly, or out myself as not really being a pilot, so I just got in the plane and tried my best. I kept making dangerous mistakes, but the crowd mistook them as being intentionally dangerous stunts, so I dispersed the clouds without suspicion.

    Sometime later, I'm playing WoW and my character is in a four-story wooden building with two other player characters. All the NPCs here are male dwarves. There's one repeatable quest (although the ! mark is yellow) which is just a race between everyone else to find 5 candles before everyone else. There really isn't much in the way of quest rewards- it's just a fun little thing to do with friends. I'm a Druid and I use my travel form (which was the old one- a cheeta)(inside) or my cat form plus aspect of the cheetah, which made me as fast as my travel form. I'm with a shaman who uses their wolf form, and a warrior, who apparently also has some kind of faster animal form.

    Sometimes the candles trigger monster attacks and you have to defeat them before you can continue finding candles. There was some kind of smallish shadow dragon thing on the top of the building that was a boss. We mostly avoided him, but once I accidentally ran out onto the top of the building and got very close to him. I probably aggroed him, but I don't really remember what happened except that I was kind of an "oh crap" moment and that my teamates were standing in the doorway.

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