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    Stressful Night

    by , 04-07-2016 at 07:17 PM (451 Views)
    I couldn't get myself to focus after waking up this morning and I think I ended up forgetting more than I remembered..

    I'm looking through some of my Mom's old stuff from her teenage years in the small closet in the back room of the house. There are many CD's and even some vinyl records. There's a CD of something very exciting and old that I can't remember. There's an original record of classic late-20's swing by Buster Keaton (who was an actor irl, not a musician) whom I loved. I also love swing, so I was super excited to find this. I think there was one other interesting thing I found in there, but I can't remember.

    Later, I'm trying to get ready to leave at the house - packing, brushing my teeth, etc. It's important that I do - iirc, my family and I are evacuating to somewhere safer, although I don't remember what we're running from. My brother was following me around the house, "messing around" in his terms but being very threatening and stress-inducing in mine. He kept physically making it very hard or impossible for me to get ready. When I finally made it out and regrouped with my parents, I told my mom what had happened. My brother tried to defend himself, saying I was too sensitive/overreacting and that he was just messing around. I told him seriously and truthfully that I was going to take self-defense lessons because of him. He got the point and was quiet and subdued for the rest of the dream that included him. There was something about finding a buried tank and that's apparently where we were going to hide from whatever was happening that was so dangerous. However, there was pretty much just enough room for all of us to squeeze down in there and wait for rescue. It looked unbelievably cramped and just thinking about going in there for who-knows-how-long stressed me out.

    In a different dream(?) I'm walking sideways along a slope in deep snow, looking for someone. I reach a dead-end, and double back, where I meet my friend C and someone else whom I can't remember (I'm not sure I knew them in real life) (it might have been C's friend M, though). I think I see a place where the person I'm looking for might hide, in a thick tree, but M demonstrates that they already looked there, and that while it looked like a good hiding place, she showed that it was actually a bad one, and she was easily spotted. I wanted to go and look the way they had just been, but C told me no one was down there. I thought that the person we were looking for had to be on this "map", and it wasn't my way, so I was going to check her way anyway. I walked in that direction until the snow suddenly ended at the left side of my old elementary school. It was pleasantly warm there, like it was suddenly summer in that area. There on the pavement was the person we were looking for, along with some other people I can't remember. I found it curious that my friends didn't walk to the end of their side of the map before concluding that he wasn't on that side, as obviously if they'd just walked a little farther, they would have found him. At some point I was following footprints in the snow, but I can't remember when, or if it led me there.

    In a different dream(?) I'm in a meeting of middle-aged to older men, and I'm Matt Murdock from Netflix's Daredevil. The meeting is just in an old room of somebody's house, with a long table with chairs squeezed in. The room has paneled wood walls and looks like it's out of the 70's. The meeting is over or I have to leave early - I can't remember which. I walk over to one end of the room to put on my shoes to leave. Beside me is a man in a suit sitting in an adult-sized Wild Thing, a purple spinning electric chair thing my brother and I had as kids. In the dream I could still see. Everyone in the room disliked me and thought I was a laughing stock. They (in mock friendly voices) told me I'd tied my shoes wrong and directed me how to fix them, in a way that tied the laces together. I pretended I was unaware, thanked them, and then said I'd go out to the driveway now and wait for someone to drive me home. I walked carefully so that my shoes didn't trip me up, all the while pretending that nothing was out of the ordinary. I got a little satisfaction out of thwarting their sabotage. On the driveway, the blonde woman from Daredevil (I don't remember her name) came and said she would drive me home. For a moment I felt bad making people drive me places when I could actually drive myself, but then I remembered that although I could see, I was still blind.

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    1. DannyCool's Avatar
      Wow you have great recall. Why were you so stressed by your dreams?
    2. Graywolf's Avatar
      Wow you have great recall. Why were you so stressed by your dreams?
      Thanks And I think it's more a matter of being stressed in real life and then having stressful dreams because of that.