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    April 24, 2018 Non-lucid

    by , 04-24-2018 at 03:07 PM (88 Views)
    I'm at a beach on vacation with a group of random friends. It also seems like I'm at my first day of work. I see Ameigh there and I tell her I hadn't recognized her. We hug and there's also some other people there working around me.

    I go down a street at an amusement park or maybe a dock. I'm attached to a red rope and am getting pulled upwards. I think that maybe I'm going to skydive. As I go up I can hear someone screaming with excitement, I'm going up and up being pulled by the rope. Someone is saying that this is very scary and they don't want to do this. I get dropped and I'm falling like an amusement park drop tower or something but land safely.

    I'm on a lake surrounded by land with trees all around. I'm on a boat that looks like an old boat from something like pirates of the Caribbean or something. My dad is there as I'm lying on the deck. He's asking me about my mom's old boyfriend Dave. My sister A is there too. She says that she liked him and I say that I liked him too. It feels like my Dad missed out and hates that we liked him. I'm crying on the deck. It's very intense like the entire dream stopped and it's just me crying. My dad is there comforting me and asking why I'm crying. I question whether I'm actually crying in my bed in real life as well.

    Other stuff happened on the lake.

    Someone is narrating a story of a guy high up in the trees. These trees are massive and in the mountains. The guy at the top is planning to jump to kill himself but something changes in his mind and when he jumps, he hits a large branch and it catches his fall.

    We're on a giant bus like we're in a music group. Sam is there. We get out at this gas station thing. The dream goes all around the gas station. We depart and try to turn out onto another street. Two guys guys came up to the bus and knocked on the window. One guy was holding a lot of cash. There were two police officers and the guy said he ratted us out.
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