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    April 25, 2018 Non-Lucid

    by , 04-25-2018 at 05:04 PM (107 Views)
    I was part of a race with my buddies owen and moo. It started as a monster truck video game and then turned into some sort of ski race. I remember several mountains that we were going up and down. Specifically, there was a moment when we were going up a hill and it seemed impossible we were going to make it up like our tires were skidding in the process.
    There were announcers and it turned out it was now between two people lasting up to 10 days. One of those people looked a little bit like a cross between walton goggins and steve carell. I remember being pretty surprised how someone could go day after day all day around this ski course. It seemed like more of an endurance track and whoever decided to quit would lose. At some point I imagined that guy being exhausted staying in a cabin every night and then going out and competing again. His opponent was the bad guy but it seems like he was also the opponent against himself.

    Another part of that dream I was in a neighborhood with this redneck guy who was supposedly really rich. He was saying that he'd take care of us. The dream showed a building that had a bunch of materials that he sold to people. We'd go house to house and sell different things like gas tanks. The guy was speaking out loud checking items off of a list. It looked like we were in castle wood or atlee ridge on the other side coming up to owen's house.
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