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    April 8th 2013 Losing Reality

    by , 04-08-2013 at 06:09 PM (543 Views)
    Lately I've been feeling pretty detached from reality and the world in general. I guess I can only explain it as being on auto-pilot where I don't really think about anything thoroughly sorta like in a dream. My brain isn't constantly monitoring what seems real and what doesn't seem real, and I think it has been screwing with my lucid dreaming and my mind as a whole.

    The other night I had a dream where I couldn't even decipher what was real even with an obvious gate to becoming lucid. I'm in some field with my friend Lauren talking about something that doesn't matter. I tackle her and we start to kiss pretty intensely from what I can remember, but without any tongue. This is pretty bizarre behavior because this girl never does anything sexual at all. Eventually I stand up and we agree it's weird that this is happening. We turn around to walk into a kitchen where some people are sitting at a table. It comes into my mind that I was probably dreaming. I remember this so vividly...I think in my mind 'is this dreaming? I can't even tell' and then I double check one more time. It's obviously a dream at this point, the entire dream has stopped in its tracks... then I decide it's not a dream and it continues while I lose consciousness of the whole situation.

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