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    February 19, 2018 Non-Lucid

    by , 02-19-2018 at 07:25 PM (134 Views)
    The dream was in this massive area. In the distance was the JMU football stadium but we were not really at JMU. We were at the beach from what I remember. To the left of the beach, in the middle were dunes, and to the right was the forest. There were thousands of people walking towards the stadium. I was getting a birds eye view but also walking there myself. I'm on the beach. I bring up my phone and send a picture to someone showing them how far away I was. Eventually, I get there. The stadium looks medieval and people are dressed for this occasion.

    I'm in this place sort of like the in lord of the rings with rolling grasslands and small hills with houses in them. There are people there and there's a castle of some sort. At some point this gladiator semi-god guy with a green outfit and red hair/beard came thundering out of the castle and was slaying some sort of monster but I don't remember what it looked like. Once he was done, he expected an award but there was this announcer overhead saying something like "okay someone get this guy some cheap beer" and the dude was disappointed. I ended up in my mom's house IRL in my sister's room. I was watching porn. My mom walks in and catches me which made me feel extremely embarassed. I'm frantically trying to close down windows and pop-ups but there's too many. I go try to take a shower but Eva is in there. There's a phone in the trash can underwater so I reach in through all the gunk and pull it out. I start to open the browser and she snatches it from my hand saying that it's hers. She takes a while to get out and then I'm in the bathroom but there's a shower head pointing towards the floor and one in the bathtub. Eventually I'm back in my other sister's room again looking at porn and again my mom walks in, and again I'm frantically trying to shut down the pop-ups.

    Another part of the dream I was spectating this olympic event that was like extreme putt-putting. The event was held on this huge wooden ship. I climbed up the ropes to this hangout up top where there was a girl and an old man competing against each other. They would take turns hitting the ball down the ramp, up a lip and into the hole. I was constantly bouncing on these ropes watching them compete. Under us off the ship was a massive Christian ceremony going on. The old man asks if he can use the balls I'm holding in my hand. I have a red ball, green ball, and two blue ones. A few of them are actually cubes. I hand on to him and the girl says that's unfair because the colors were the same or something. I'm now noticing how high up we are and am trying to find a way down.

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