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    February 20th 2013 Non-Lucid

    by , 02-20-2013 at 06:09 PM (498 Views)
    IRL I've been in show choir (singing and dancing group) for about 3 years now and I'm now a leader this year. In our show I have two solos which means a lot of pressure to not mess up, and this pressure makes me nervous every show.

    Last night I had a dream about show choir. Usually in my show choir dreams I'm on stage with my choir and I don't really know the moves or I'm forgetting them, but I don't actually care about messing up or get upset over it. This is why last night's dream was so different.

    The dream starts as we are running onto my school's stage to see that the entire place is filled with people that are screaming and cheering us on. The lights are very bright so I can't really make anybody out in the crowd but the people on stage are the people in my IRL choir. The show is going okay as people are doing random moves to a song I don't know and I'm looking at other people to see what moves they were because I clearly did not know them. When the chorus comes up IRL it's very quick and most people have trouble at first remembering the words and sometimes the moves. The chorus in my dream turns into a disaster. As it hits, no one knows the moves and they stop cold in their tracks along with me. This thought comes into my head that goes "no choir has ever had their entire show stop because people didn't know the moves, this is all my fault" and I run down the stage steps into the crowd crying. For probably 30 seconds I'm standing in dark matter by myself crying in my hands unaware that there is no world around me.

    I don't think I've cried this hard in a regular dream over something so stupid. It was like all the sadness that is in my mind went to this moment of just balling my eyes out for this absurd occurrence. Then I appear through a door into the chorus room where we have class to see our previous dance captain walking. I love this guy so much so I feel I ashamed him and this position. I walk over still crying into my hands and lean on his chest. I'm crying so hard I'm practically yelling my sobs.

    That dream ends and this morning I had a false awakening. IRL my phone plays a song and vibrates to wake me up, but in the dream my phone only vibrates. I get up and turn it off then immediately get out of me bed. I head for the shower and see there are clothes stacked up on the sink. Then I wake up for real.

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