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    February 6, 2018 Non-Lucid

    by , 02-06-2018 at 06:30 PM (111 Views)
    I was in a gas station. There was a front entrance part with a person behind a counter. There was also a ramp that went down to the back of the store that had another worker in the store. The theme had something to do with pokemon. I think one of the workers was showing me how to beat the final boss of the N64 pokemon stadium game. He cursed saying something like "if I can fucking beat this guy" as I can see a glimpse of a pokemon battle in the air of the store.

    Eventually I'm outside of what I think might be my grandfather's house. The gas station was now some sort of old house and I was outside with my mom and sisters. There wasn't anyone else around but we were mourning our grandma's death, it was sort of like a very personal funeral with only us there. We're walking around the house and towards the road. As I get onto the dirt road I look across the road and my dad is there dressed in a suit. I was super surprised and ran over to him. As I get to him, I see beyond where there's my entire family, cousins, uncles, aunts, etc. gathered in these stands and around a casket maybe. This was the actual funeral for my grandmother but wasn't in the IRL location it was held. I was embarrassed and mad at my mom, it felt like I was kept away from the actual funeral.

    The dream was then at our river house. I was just generally floating over the house recalling memories of past events there. I remembered there was this guy named Tyler B. who was there and I remembered I had been away from the entire gathering, leaving those people to clean up some sort of massive white tent. This is definitely a dream I've had before. I had felt bad that I had not helped them clean up.

    Then, I landed at the river and was with Sam h. Bahar and Alec. We were planning on going to a party so we decided to leave. We drove very closely by. The environment changed as if we were in another location. We pull up to this house into this driveway made of gravel. Alec Sam and I are instantly across the street from the house far through a field and on a tennis court. We were playing doubles tennis. My team was winning on one side, eventually we switch sides and I start to play really badly, I could see I was in the sunny part of the court and everyone was in the shade.

    The game ends and we decide to go meet up with Bahar and other people back at the party. We are at the driveway and I see there's a jeep with one of my older co-workers Amanda in it. I remember we had just played tennis and I was really sweaty so I just wanted to shower before the party. She offers to drive me back to the river house real fast, so I jump in. We drive out of the driveway and take a right. I thought my house was to the left so I was disappointed, I settled with myself that I'd have to wait for whatever Amanda was doing. So we're driving now on this road in this marshland that had pockets of water and tall strands of plants coming up from the water and ground.

    To my diagonal right I see this massive structure that looks like stands for a football stadium or race track. I say something like "that's the Richmond raceway right?" and Amanda agrees. It looked a lot like JMU's football stands. I also make a comment about how there's no supporting structures for the stands and I was really nervous. We go to the back of the stands and there's a bunch of ramps going up and down. It looks like the stands are next to a huge cliff that had a body of water at the bottom, but I never had the fear that I was going to fall. We're walking on these ramps, going in between these doors. The idea is that we're in middle school, Amanda is some sort of teacher or looking for a teacher. Maybe we were trying to turn an assignment in, I can't remember.

    We go back to the party. As we're pulling up to the driveway, to the left is the house and to the right is trees which cast shade that sloped down a hill. The driveway also slopes down. Further down it turns to this deck area with the basement of the house connected. There's windows and doors on the house, it might have been white. I go down onto the deck and look further down into the party. There's 100's of people further down the slope. The trees to the right continue and end up wrapping around this massive clearing. In the clearing is a huge white tent that has openings on the outsides. All of these people are either out in the open clearing or under the tent mingling. I could see tall tables with people standing around them and some people were dancing. It was probably mid to late day at this point. I jump down onto the deck where I see my friends. Everyone is drunk to me. Out loud I say "oh man you guys are really drunk." My friends were turned towards me and could barely even stand up, sort of staggering and wiggling in a way.

    I see Bahar facing away from me on another section of the deck that was lower. She's wearing a black and white dress that had a block shaped pattern, it was more white with black rectangles. I might've tried to greet her or she might've just turned around anyways. She joins our circle and two of her friends come up and she tries to introduce them to me but someone was standing in the way of me, so the most I could get out was an awkward wave to them. I remember for some reason I had this feeling of jealousy. I wasn't jealous because of any person, I was just generally jealous. Everyone is really drunk so I decide I'd like to catch up so I turn around and walk up the driveway to a higher part of the deck which had this alcohol stand/cart.

    In the cart was a bartender person who told me that it was getting late and there wasn't a lot of beer. He starts searching beer bottles around the deck looking for full ones to give to me. He eventually is able to hand me five or six. I drink about half of one when I notice it's now nighttime. Someone says that it's midnight. I can see the massive group of people from this event start to migrate towards me, up the driveway and on their way home. I run down the driveway to the bottom of the deck when I notice a group of guys from my high school are taking group pictures with each other. There's a group of people surrounding them taking pictures with the flash on. I'm sitting at the front of the crowd surrounding them trying to get myself out of the pictures. I keep apologizing to the guys trying to get out of the pictures but my feet were in the way. I could vaguely tell I was wearing pajamas and slippers. One of the guys (nick m) makes fun of me or something and we get into some sort of scuffle. I rush at him and he either slides or gets shoved to the left of me. I look left towards him and that's when the dream ended.

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