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    Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious

    March 5, 2018 Non-Lucid

    by , 03-06-2018 at 07:10 AM (66 Views)
    The dream scene is a cliff. On the right is a steep drop to a deep ocean with waves crashing against the cliff. We are on the very top of the cliff. In my vision I overlook a small uprising to the left of me and a small little cave uplifted from the land to the right. It seems like there's a large colony of species here. That species are like a bunch of Dr. Mundo's from LoL running around. And I'm a little blue guy, or someone is a little blue guy running around.

    Part of that dream is I'm trying to get downtown to have fun with my roommate Mustafa. And the last stop is a bar that seems like the last stop and we are simultaneously there are the bar drinking while also being there the next morning hungover talking about the night before. And we were at the last stop for several moments interacting with other entities. But eventually I was in an adventure of the small blue guy who was in jeopardy of floating off of this cliff. This place had the classic non threatening zombie feeling.

    My next dream was at an amusement park. I think a lot of things happened at this amusement park, I always think it's at KD but who knows.

    I remember I appeared at the top of the hill of this random roller coaster going up and down hills that were very high up in the air but the turns were 180 degrees and the extra hills in between. I remember thinking this was BS. I started to be on the roller coaster as it was going into some sort of commercial, it was telling me that it was the bumpiest ride in the world and it started to go over bumps, then it started to tell me it was like the squishiest ride "I say like because it wasn't the direct language but it said something like this" and then the seats started to get squished and the roller coaster was shimmying forward towards the station.

    We eventually got into the station which was this oddly shaped station sort of shapped like the voice stadium. There was a rollercoaster that came through. I had the thought that I wanted to ride in the front so I left people go in front of me even though I was near the very back. The train came back and I was going to get on but realized I wasn't in the front so people were getting in my seats. Another train came that had an extra blue seat like a handicap seat. I got an overview of the place and I could not see people were going to the bathroom near the ride and looking at the big screen in the station. It turned into a summer camp sort of thing.

    Later on I was in a dream at the amusement park.

    For the record I've been to this dream amusement park many times I recognize it pretty well.

    At some point I was in the park and the beginning was the lochness monster from busch gardens and I was getting taken into the park on a beginning trip. They brought me to the ride which apparently had two options, one being the whole ride and one being the place where we go upside down. I think we ended up doing the upside down part as we went through the station.

    My view eventually shifted and I was in this massive place like we were ants compared to this amusement park. There was this wall filled with rides in front of us. There were sections of places.

    I remember I was in between the sections climbing around. There were black ropes in between these places. I was swinging around these places having fun. It was like a giant game. There was a danger zone in the middle but it wasn't dangerous. I was swinging between the places. I meet up with a group of people, one of them is Abby and she starts to talk about her body in a way.

    Eventually I someone am outside that place on the side of a house or in the basement of this place and there's a white house with green shutters or dark shutters to the right of me. It's a suburban house with a very tight down gate, I mean the dog comes out and has one or two feet or room wrapping the house with a dog bone in front of it. I remember the dog from a previous dream.

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