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    1. Playing In The Stationery

      by , 05-19-2012 at 03:34 PM (Inside My Eyes)
      I was in a huge stationery, it was the size of a super market. My brother was there riding on a Segway PT, we were playing Tag with him on the Segway and I running after him trying to catch him. One minute I realized that it was a dream, I did not have to do a RC and I forgot to stabilize. I started to test and train my dream control trying to slow my brother's Segway PT but I ended up not being able to do it. I started looking for a door to test the technique of teleportation in which you enter through the door thinking that the other side is the place you want, I thought about a food court that I visited in a dream a few weeks ago and went through the door.
      I ended up on the inside of a mall that could very well have the food court, but the dream ended at that time.
    2. Too Tired Too Teach You How To Fly

      by , 05-15-2012 at 04:06 PM (Inside My Eyes)
      I was in the pool in the backyard of my house and in a table was a menu where I could ask for a plane to take me to the sky and throw me into the pool, I had already gone several times. one time I asked for the plane but I forgot to enter, the pool was being prepared for the jump and saw that they put some product in the water to the fall dont hurt, I was embarrassed for losing the airplane trip ran home. At home I stop to think and see how the shadows are not right and I realized it's a dream, I made an RC and used all the techniques that I know of stabilization, the result is amazing.
      I try to fly but I fail, then my father came and I asked him to teach me how to fly, he said ''I'm too tired to teach you how to fly'', I remember a technique of flying by imagining an invisible ladder and climb the stairs, I climbed to the seventh step and fell. Then my mother came and I asked her to teach me to fly, she said the same thing that my father said.
      I went to the backyard and estabilized the dream screaming to get the dream lived and stable, I tought that someone will get angry and come out by the screams, I tried to use my expectation and I tought that will get out the window of the house next door Katniss Everdeen of The Hunger Games, but nothing happens.
      I went back home and used the computer out of curiosity, was open to the facebook but with some unrecognized letters, I started thinking that I can not feel my body in real life, but unintentionally I felt and woke up.
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    3. A Visit To The Park Of My Childhood Dreams

      by , 05-13-2012 at 11:03 AM (Inside My Eyes)
      I was with some people I've ever seen in my life that my family was in the dream, we were in an amusement park in Belgium at night. The part of the park that we were was full of poor houses of wood, resembled to Hogsmeade, a member of my family tried to climb one of the houses because it was an attraction and was closed, but when he tried to climb it came out backwards by a shock.

      I stopped to think how this amusement park was familiar, I reminded it of several of my dream. So I was lucid, but when I became lucid I woke up, I tried to sleep again to return to the dream.
      I was walking down a road to leave the park at night, until I decided to go back. I went to the control room and there was some guys from my school, they were playing Warcraft 3 on their laptops.

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    4. Director Of A Homemade Game

      by , 05-06-2012 at 04:03 PM (Inside My Eyes)
      I was in a house directing a game, but the strange thing was that this game was more like a movie than a game and was filmed instead of done by computer. I was being very incompetent, I had no idea what the game was about. I already knew it was a dream but I did an RC to make sure, I was lucid and looked at the details of my hand to stabilize. I did not even tried to control the dream because my last lucid dreams were very unstable and I didnt want to wake up at night so I treated this dream as a normal dream.
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    5. An Unused Lucid Dream

      by , 05-01-2012 at 06:02 PM (Inside My Eyes)
      The dream started like an old game like pacman, but my view was from the top, the images was from an old game and the sounds was from an old game. I was a character from this old game, I found it odd that I was in an old game and did I RC (I dont know how because my game character didnt had hands) but it worked and I realized that I was dreaming and became lucid.
      But then I wanted to go to a other place and I imagined myself in a street and a few seconds after I was in this street (I remember that street from a lot of my childhood dreams) and I started looking at my hand and shouting ''stabilize dream'', after the dream was vivid and apparently stable and I started walking.
      But a few seconds after I kind of waked up because of noise (I was sleeping in the same bedroom with my brother and he was sneezing) then I tryed to go back to my dream and I did it. The same thing happened like three times until I gave up.

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    6. My First Lucid Dream

      by , 04-07-2012 at 05:00 PM (Inside My Eyes)
      I woke up normally in the same place I slept, but when I tried to move I realized that I was fully paralized, then I thought ''Damnit ! Sleep paralysis'', I tried hard to move until at some point I got it, but it was like my body was numb or weighing heavily. I got out of bed but when I got it I fell to the floor and started crawling, then I stop to think how this couldn't be real and I did a RC, I pinched my nose and I could breathe and then I was lucid, but everything was so real, I remember my breath as it was real.
      First I was very excited because it was my first LD, but then I remembered that I could not get too excited because if I got the dream would start to fade. I left the house and went to the balcony and there I found my uncle, I remembered a technique to summon people and asked to my uncle where '' the person that I was skiing with'' was, I just wanted to see what my mind arranged, he led me to a door, but when I opened the door a found the girl from the The Ring and she started chasing me while my uncle watch, but she was very slow so I didnt had to rush. In the halfway I just for curiosity closed my eyes, I saw some computer lines like Tron and the dream started to fade then I opened with fear of lost my dream.
      I entered the house again and in the kitchen I found all my family and I had to close my eyes for some reason and I lost the dream.

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