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    My Robotic imagination


    by , 10-22-2018 at 12:54 AM (223 Views)
    I'm at Raymond street in the diningroom, sitting on the ledge in front of the windows where the plants are usually at. My dad was there and he had an accordion, playing it. I don't know what the song was but it sounded cool. I turned towards him and seen him standing up from behind the china cabinet and walking through the double sliding doors from here I can see the detail of the instrument. It was a small one with the folds in the middle and the keyboards and buttons in his hand. He came into the lit room I was in. He stood in front of me and was still playing it. After he got done with it He gives it to me to play and the dream shifted. It is daytime and I'm now at 191 Burton with it, standing in front of the stairs with the door in front of me. I try to play it. It was wrapped around my body with the straps to help me hold it up and ready for my try. I pressed the little round buttons with the keyboard part and started playing it. It didn't sound anything like the way it should and instead a strange high pitched sound came with each squeeze and pull and was pressing the wrong notes. I have zero experience with this type of instrument so I wasn't expecting it to come out well.

    After that I wake up into an HI

    It is night time and I'm fighting things. I took the accordion I had and swung it at what ever it was I was fighting and it made a loud unnotely sound. Fearing I broke it I took it and ran off away from the people instead of trying to fight them in nearly pitch dark conditions.

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