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    Butter Pig Brundy and distorted face on TV

    by , 10-13-2018 at 06:10 AM (279 Views)
    I'm in a strange drea and there are nonsensical events going on. This event was on TV and it was about two mini fighters going at each other in a paper bag. I end up with the paperbag and I can hear the commentary talking inside and the people are at the bottom of this brown paper bag ready to go at it. I lose interest in that and left from the lit livingroom and now is in a dark place. A live wrestling even is happening in this room and it feature wrestlers that you probably never heard of because it is a tiny and hidden business. Anyhow a wrestler is announced as Butter pig Brundy and his music starts to play. It is an upbeat comical melody and the tron shows a pink pig that looks happy with a partially opened stick of butter above him. The enterence is strange and looks like home made drapes. He'll probably come from behind those. I waited and nothing happened and realized that the drapes I was seeing are the blinds in my room because I woke with my eye open expecting him to show up from behind them.

    Wakes up fully and go back to sleep.

    It was now daytime and I'm in my room, watching TV.I have three TVs in my room and two of them are on. The middle one and the on to the right of it, sitting on a table. I only saw what was on the middle one that featured some kind of ad. I didn't pay it any mind, was just sitting there at the foot of the bed gazing around until I saw the person that was talking on the screen. His image was distorted and seemed like it was pulled away from the edges of the screen since all around him was white. The TV was broken and now is not displaying the image right. He face is all crumpled up and distorts as he moves around and talk about stuff. The most prominent thingI saw, was his mouth. It looked like it was bestial because it had pointed teeth.

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