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    My Robotic imagination

    Chased by pyramidis and Auric

    by , 11-23-2018 at 08:27 PM (387 Views)
    I start off in a place with my mom and her friends. It looks like we are at Peter's house and I was sitting on the floor, watching TV. There was a table behind me and further back was some couches with people there. Me and my mom I think got into it about something and I get upset and leave the house.

    My mom calls after me but I ignore her and start walking down streets and alleyways.

    Someone walks up to my mom and was wondering what the situation was. She said something and it looked like the person said leave it to me and set out for me. He got into his vehicle which ended up being pyramidis, which is a huge megazord used to for the Zeo Ultrazord then drove off in it's none robot mode.

    I was running up a highway filled with cars when I saw the huge zord coming up the adjacent opposite side of the freeway, being careful not to hit any cars. "what the actual fu-" It's the fuckin Pyramidis! I saw the person inside who was at the tip, pointing at me and fingering me to come here.

    I was not about to let him take me back in that thing. I looked around and spotted a bridge over pass and ran under it. He'd be way too big to fit in here. He drove up to it, parked it on the side of the road, then he got out. I saw construction stuff all around me and there were people in here, working too.

    I ran into a building that has spawned in to hide me and made my way over to an elevator. I pressed the button for it to come down but by the time it did make it, the person was already at the door. He banged on it to get my attention. "Hey!" I turned to him and that's when I saw who it really was. It was Auric! I knew I was not gonna make it on the elevator in time and left it.

    Now I end up in a strange room. It looked like a bowling alley only it was the size of a bedroom and the alley's were like only 6 feet long. There were black bags over the machines where the balls come out of and then Auric steps into the room, trapping me. I can see all of his details like his hard cloak on his back and his large size and red eyes. I ran around the ball machine, trying to keep him on the opposite side of me but he was not having it. he leapt over the machine, pouncing me before I can run down the alleyway. "Gotcha!" He waves a finger at me for being naughty then grabs the back of my head and slams my face into his chest. "that's for running off like that from your people. And." He bangs my head into his chest again. " That's for making me come all the way out here to get ya and not not stopping when I told you to come here."

    He was now in his toy mode in my arms and I started laughing at what just happened, now semi lucid.

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