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    My Robotic imagination

    Dreams about zombies and SD Gundams

    by , 08-03-2018 at 04:10 PM (366 Views)
    I start off in this dream in some kind of scenario. I'm in the attic at Kenny's first home with my Sister Dion. It is night time and the room is dark but open and large. Some people are with me and are telling me that this place is haunted and so are some of the items inside. So we are walking around in this ever expanding place and at some point and time so one bumps into something and gets spooked by it. I look back and seen something tipped over in front of her. I asked what the hell are you doing and she says it fell in front of her, causing her to run into it. We pick it up and put it back where it was and we continue to walk through the room. Some time had pass and now things have escalated. Now figures were appearing and one came and frecked out the people I was with and they ran off, leaving me alone to deal ith it. It turns out to be some kind of zombie and he yells and chases me. I run but was not afraid of it. For some unknown reason, it may have been due to a tiny bit of lucidity, thought that it would be a good idea to try and possess a zombie. I turned to him and let him come up to me, wrapping me in its arms and I pressed the side of my head up to his chest. It worked. I'm now a zombie but the owner of the body appeared and yanked me out of its body and threw me across the room and into another place with zombies.

    They knew what I was trying to do and one zombie laid on the ground with its arms down by its side and then he looked at me. I knew what to do. I went over to him and laid down over him and my body went into his and now I have become the zombie. I stand up and look at myself. My clothes were all torn up and rotted. My skin was dark and discolored and I felt weird. The environment changed and it is now daytime and I seen windows behind me. There was a spiral staircase infront of me and someone came down it and I saw that it was and SD Gundam GM. He saw me as a zombie and pointed his finger at me. Becoming a zombie was a mistake and now had to find away to convince them that I was human. I threw my hands up in surrender but knew that it was not gonna work. he pulled out his blaster and I took off running. I bolted acroos the room where he followed then outside through the windows. I'm running down a street and some kind of music was playing. Behind me was now Captain Gundam and I can see his huge cute eyes looking angrily at me. I tried to talk but it was no use just moans and growls came out. Another SD Gundam spotted me who had a Megazord feel to him. He was red in color and was a cop, trying to hook me in its cuffs. It made sounds as it was fired at me and returned to him if they missed. I'm not about to let that happen and almost for got about Captain and tripped over him. He caught me but I managed to somehow escape and as time went on of me getting chased by them, the music increased in volume. It was nice pleasant music that was a perfect score for this dream. I realized that the music was from Captain Gundam and started humming and singing it. Zombie can't run that fast and even if they could they can only do it at night or for a short period of time. I was tired and knew that I was about to get hurt. They came up behind me, bumping into me and realized they didn't want to hut me any more. Captain walked in front of me and I was gonna turn and leave but the red cop one was behind me. They wanted me to follow them. So I and we end up somewhere in a small yard and I sitting with the tow of them. Captain was sitting on the steps and the red cop was next to me and another third SD Winged Gundam was also nearby.

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