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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. Grandma, Mr B, robocop, ironman

      by , 11-19-2016 at 01:11 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off in an early dream about my Grandma. I am aware that she is dead and is wondering how she is here. She is in a bathroom and I see her face. It looks like her and then she comes out of the bathroom from what looks to be a shower and enters my room. She lays down on my bed and I have no problem allowing her to do so. After sometime my Grandma turns into Mr.B, an elderly man we took care of IRL who has now passed. He was a completely different story. He was arguing with me about something and I took my notepads, drawings that I was working on and got out of the bed that I was now back in. For some reason I was thinking about the time where we, me and my mom, had to change him and he would fight with us and try to grab his nasty diaper. Glad that didn't happen. But I did end up seeing him with an open, one in his hand.

      After that part of the dream I find myself in a new dream that had chained off of the one I just had. I'm still laying in bed and it is a whole new ball game. Instead of the lit room I was in with my Grandma, I'm now in a very dark room, laying on my back. There is a voice narrating something scary but have no clue what it is yet the place began to feel cryptic. I am like 1% lucid and think about one of my toys, Omega Supreme being on my back to activate an arousal dream. I felt something appear on my back but I knew that it was not him, it just felt way too light. I seen a scary dead tree branch appear above me and it rested on my shoulder.

      Now my lucidity has increased much more and for some reason I was thinking about Ironman and was in some kind of place with white lights and a school feel. I,m with a person and she is very strange acting. It seems like she is out of it a lot and I had seen her before. She can get very confused and get lost. So with my lucidity slowly increasing I needed to do something bad in order to get Ironman to come after me.

      I take her to a gym full or people and allowed her to walk around, away from me and get caught up in the crowd.

      It works.

      Ironman appears and I can see that he is child sized and I run from him. I go through some double doors, down a hallway, looked back and can see him standing there looking at me with his fists balled.

      After that the dream shifted and I find myself back in my bed and was now fully lucid.
      This is where things get real. I get the impression of Ironman and thought that I had a big costume of him in my closet that was also child sized.

      I got up and I'm at my recent place near work drive and it was in the middle of the night. Everyone was still asleep, good. I' ll go through the side door, which is on a landing, going into the basement. This was also shared by my neighbors and so I had to watch that they were not coming down here. I heard some foot steps still up, but no one came down. I went outside and there, from in a brick ally way seen Ironman. He was waiting on me and came after me as soon as he saw me. I seen his detail, he was in his red and yellow variant and had the round circle on his chest.

      He flew down towards me and I ran down a street. It is night time and there are headlight illuminating the place. Othe DCs appear around me and somehow I got far away from Ironman. It was no big deal, he called on his dream vehicle which was yellow and looked like it was the vehicle that the bountyhunter was in, in Star Wars Episode 2. as he came after me with it, it changed shapes and the front part of it was now shapeless and flat and by the time I looked at it again, it had turned into an icecream stall that had a light on in it and people in it. I asked did they want ice cream and they went in and got some and gave me some. It was good. Ironman busted through the stall with his new car, which was dark in color and sleek looking. He got out, pointed at me and motioned me to come here. I shook my head no and he charged. It is getting daytime and barriers were appearing and blocking paths to try and make me get trapped. They were dark colored walls and there was two people with me who always follow me. I told them to stay close to me if you don't want to get hurt and they nodded and agreed to do so. I leap out of the way just as he flew pass me and hid in the barricades. He then flew up on top of a building and for some reason thought about him being robocop and said that Cain is better then him and will always win. Ironman looked down at us and he jumped down to us I thought about the time when he shot the lasers from his hands and was nervous about him using them on us. I ran diagonally across the street and over to an opening in the walls and called the other two to come. They tried to follow me but they were cut off by blue fire and realized that he had a flame thrower and someone had gotten caught up in it and fire went onto the walls and spilled out into the road. I realized that where I was he can easily trap me here and quickly got out just as he tried to block me in. He swung around and some more DCs came and distracted him.

      I then seen some kind of a white box up against the wall in front of me that looked like a small washer. People was doing something to it and I made him mess up, hitting the dial thing out top and saying, yes to myself. I began to hear a beeping sound that got higher in pitch and got quicker and realized that it was a bomb and I dun fucked up. I ran as the people tried to disable it. Failure to do so resulted in a very bright flash and loud but fake sounding explosion and saw some kind of thing on the wall right behind it, representing the explosion. It looked like it was foil moving to make a very 2d and fake explosion and heard who ever got caught up in it yell out. I stood rather close to it, unharmed.

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    2. Chained from the previous closet dream (Shogun Megazord)

      by , 05-26-2015 at 11:21 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I got to bed extremely sleepy and right off the back began to experience dreams and SP.

      They were chained to me always looking at the closet. The first time was a forgotten dream that lasted 1 or 2 minutes. The second time was me slipping into SP and quickly breaking out. And the I realized what was going on and this time allowed my self to go into SP. FA I get up out of bed and look into the closet. Something red appears from it and is talking as well. I didn't know what it was until I got into the hall where a light was on at. It was then revealed to me this it was the red ape-faced Shoganzord. He was pretty accurate to the real thing and then realized that he was chasing me. I ran down the steps and went outside where it was raining. He came out then I got Lucid and say. "If you want to get me, then turn into the Shogun Megazord." I was across the street from him and he walked off in between some houses. When he showed up again he was the Shogun Megazord. He looked up at me with a smile on his blue face. I can also see the detailing of the lines on his chest and arms, the mass of him body and he motioned with his head for me to come or he would come after me as That massive thing and I don't think I would want that.