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    My Robotic imagination

    Heavyarms Army!

    by , 06-26-2017 at 03:34 AM (713 Views)
    I Started into this dream through SP. It took me several tried to get into this dream. The first time I accidentally broke out of SP in fact it was many times I ended up messing up from moving or jerking around too much. The second problem was a memo leak of some kind, what I mean by this is that upon entering SP I would end up forgetting what I wanted to dream about and what to focus on. I lay down and after a while the SP comes back along with the memo leak then the furnace comes on and creates a new problem.

    Now there is heat blowing on my back and the sound it is making is amplified and loud. The air on my back causes discomforting sensations and the rare pain in the back type SP so I break out, turn onto my back then reenter the SP. Then I began to get irrelevant HI. The HI consisted of a strange cartoony DC that looked like a green and blue sun with a black stick body. There was a sky behind him and it appears as though he was in a pine tree, looking down at me. I get a monkey/tropical feel from this and opened my real eyes to get rid of it. I was still in SP and didn't move I was still forgetful about what I wanted to dream about and broke out.

    Instantly my memory is normal and I think about the heavyarms Gundam and reenter SP. I get it back just in time as I entered the dream. I'm at a strange place that feels like my recent home at Burton and I get out to walk outside but my mom is there. I tell her that it is a dream so that she doesn't worry about me going outside. And I go straight outside through the back.

    It is daytime and there are pockets or fog around, the air is heavy and humid and worst of all there are people laying on the ground all around. I get the feeling that these people were sick because this place was radio active and realized that it was not a good idea to be outside, at all. I start to go back indoors when my awareness spikes up. I don't have to worry about this stuff nothing will happen. I turn around and began my walk, looking at stuff and more people came around. Some were standing up and milling around while others remained on the ground. As I walked around I started seeing sand piles and I avoided them because of ants. But then more started appearing closer to me and I yelled at the dream. "Get this shit put of here and away from me!" The sand disappeared and I ended up shifted back indoors.

    I reopen the doors and my jaw dropped. Milling all around a construction site like place were hundreds of Heavyarms. There was some talking to each other and some standing around looking at stuff. I start to go out but something told me that there was one right outside the door way I opened. There goes one right there a voice said. Standing off to the side, I can see part of heavyArms shoulder and chest poking from around the corner. I walk out to get seen on purpose and it looked down at me with it's green Gundanium eyes, pointed at me and motioned with its finger for me to come here. I shook my head and avoided him. I ran down some steps but ended up grabbing the attention of a few other Heavyarms and ended up with three of them after me.

    There were some spiral stair in front of me with a computer at the top and I ran up those. As I did so I realized that the steps went to no where and the other Gundams start to come up behind me. I jumped over the sides of the stairs and tripped as I landed, allowing them to catch up to me. I seen one with it's arms up in the air, looking at me with his chest all puffed up like he was gonna open it. Shoot I don't want that to happen. I got up and purposely tripped again and this time the three of them ran up on me and started kicking me while I was on the ground. Didn't hurt though but I was glad they wanted to fight. "You wanna fight do we? I can make that happen." As I stood up to get ready to battle I ended up waking up.

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    1. gundam178's Avatar
      I went in looking for one and got a surprise!