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    My Robotic imagination

    I am Zenyatta!

    by , 09-20-2018 at 07:06 PM (156 Views)
    I have recently began to watch people on youtube play a popular game called overwatch. It is a causal/ competitive type of game where you play as Heroes, each with a different role and moveset. As I was watching through the videos one character stuck out from the rest. The streams picked an unknown character who had spheres at the bottom of the screen, two on the right side and two on the left side. They were floaty as the unseen character moves and jumped around and at time would they would rotate around in a circle. I told myself that this will be my go to character if I do managed to get overwatch. I couple months down the line I decide to get it and it this is where the character introduced himself to me. His name was Zenyatta who is an Onmic that wants robots to live in harmony with humans. He is a peace loving and kind robot but will defend himself or others he feel obligated to protect with his Orbs that are controlled by his mind.

    With that said he is now my main character and from playing the game so much hear is what happened in my mind.

    I start this dream of, doing random things. It was daytime outside and a white, cloud overcast was upon us. I forgot alot about what happened at this point but I do remember me walking around outside. I was going down a sidewalk and I tripped and fell over something. My hands landed on something round and metallic and the heel on my hand con caved it. I looked to see what it was and it was one of Zenyattas Orbs. There was an indent where my hands were at. I was a bit disappointed at the fact they would dent this easily. These are supposed to be powerful balls of energy are they not? As I thought this the Orbs reformed as though they were made out of aluminum. I got up and realized that the Orb floated down from around my neck and it was trying to stop me from falling. That could mean only one thing, I was Zenyatta. No way.. I looked at my hands and they were robotic like his. I am! I floated Hindu style out of there.

    Now I was in a car with the figuerine of Zenyatta. It was a model of him but somehow it got broken and I was trying to put it back together. Some had fallen to the floor of the car where you put your feet at and I was down there, gathering up the bit of plastic and pieces.

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