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    My Robotic imagination

    I became a giant!

    by , 10-23-2018 at 02:08 PM (336 Views)
    I remember a large part of this dream and that was the last two bits and scenes. There was more but can't remember it well.

    I'm watching power rangers and I ended up inside the film. It was daytime but things were odd and discolored like an old 80s VHS tape would be. Instead of the sky being a nice crisp color, it was flickering and that discolored green color you'd see in old films, the dark areas were all grainy with those bits of red and blue colors flickering around and it was very blurry sometimes like old movies would be. It was daytime and the colors were bright and exaggerated. I was out in the backyard wondering what was going on about something random, it may have been something about the earlier part of the dream but anyhow I was there in the yard, standing in front of the steps that lead into the house. I saw the the odd colored hedges that were a yellowy green color and the grass was the same as well. There was a monster there and he was some kind of food type guy who looked like the Dora Goblin from Zyuranger. He was next to the hedge and had a tiny slider looking burger in his hand. He threw it at me and I dodged it, expecting it to explode but instead it hit the dirt patch near the corner of the house where the flowerbed used to be at. The burger broke apart into its respective layers of meat, cheese a bun. He threw another one and it bounced off the side panels and dusted itself on the ground. Threw another, hit the glass pane to the stove area, leaving a smear of probably mustard and ketchup.I looked closer at it Nope it was the burger smearing the dust off the window, leaving behind a transparent smudge. The are not exploding? These attacks are harmless he's not evil at all. I picked up one of the sandwiches from on the ground and got the on covered in dust. it was all grayish in color, desaturated and freezer burned looking and I threw it back down.

    I started talking to him about how humans live and the buildings that you see here are our homes. I was once in the gravle driveway behind the fence gates, pointing up at the next door neighbors house that was a grey color. By this time the details of the dream were much clearer and better. "ya know I would love to have some more of those tasty sandwiches!"

    We are now back in the house and, made it to the front porch but was cut off when the bad guys show up. "They are gonna make you grow!" I didn't want that because then the Megazords would kill him. I got in front of him as a purple scorpina appeared. The monster who is now a boy started walking towards her but I grabbed him and seen that he was pulling and pushing at me, wanting to go with her. I was not having it and pulled him back away from her. Scorpina didn't care who got Big and ended up zapping both of us. I knew what was gonna happen next, the boy ran outside, bursting through the front door as he became a giant. I had red electric all on my body on my hands, legs and arms and then saw the black and gold megazord toy there with me, since I was human the effect for me would take slightly longer, I did not want to stay inside and destroy my home. "I need to get out now!" I ran out of the door, banging my head up against the top part of the opening as I did so its already happening!

    I made it out just in time and I finally see myself unable to control it any longer grew huge. I see my legs and then another set of blue and yellow legs. I look over to my right and down the street was the Dino Megazord (Daizyujin). He was looking at me and his face was strange looking and small but still had the details like his yellow eyes and red horned ears that stuck out each sides of his head.

    I don't know where the monster went but I ended up running past the zord who tried to reach out and get me and now he is behind me, chasing me.

    After some time of running I see the zord is now in a car behind me and he pulls up to me and gets out. We are next to the corner store and I realized that I have shrunk but so has Megazord. " We are small again!" I went to the car and realized that this was no normal car and looked inside through the window that was rolled down. Inside was the weird thingy with the buttons on it, it was the time machine! The Delorian! I turned and looked back up at Megazord and seen that he was now a human and was bent over, doing something.

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