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    My Robotic imagination

    This dream journal will contain alot of mecha, Gundams, zords and transformers. I have been lucid dreaming for 10 plus years and look forwards to reviving my journal. Look forwards to reading your journals. Pleasant dreams!

    1. Bad heavyarms dream

      by , 08-05-2019 at 05:07 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off in this dream in a game that became real. It was about something the required you to go into different rooms to unlock puzzles and riddles to other paths. I seen some people from the game that looked like gundams go up into a vent. I tried to follow them but the opening was way to small, only enough room for tiny figurine toys. I looked inside the vent and saw a party of at least nine people and SD mechs walking around inside. After that I wanted to see who was playing this. So I went to see if I can find them and spotted them. Off in a dark room with only the TV light illuminating the place I saw my brother and my model toy Heavy arms there! I needed to give them an excuse to come after me so I threw a rock or something at him and hit the Gundam in its head. He stood up, looking at me with angry green eyes then I ran off, hoping that he would follow. He didn't instead it went back to playing with my brother and blew me off. So I got Lucid and threw something at him again. I heard him shout "I'll kill you." And saw them get out, to try and trap me in the backyard, coming around on each side of the house on Raymond. I slipped passed them ans was on the street, looking at them. I tried really hard to will him to come after me but it didn't work instead he turned around and went off with my brother to play more video games and avoided me. As much as I hated to do this with such a very detailed Gundam in my dream I had no other choice. I had to end them and ended them I did. I spun with such force that it tore up the dream and it put me in an FA where I was in a bedroom. Still trying to keep me here and waste my time? I woke myself up, completely obliterating the dream.
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    2. Mega Voyager

      by , 07-03-2019 at 10:45 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I started off going into SP. I felt it coming as I was falling asleep and then find myself at a busy place. It was daytime and people milling about. I saw buildings, shops and, more people. I was walking around as usual then came to a cafe. It was a walk in one where you just come and sit and the waiters will know that you just got there and come serve you. There were tables, chairs and costumers all inside doing what people do at a dinning area. As I scanned this place Among the people I saw a very robotic DC, sitting off in a corner eating with its group of robots.

      I avoided him and went back outside and this is where my awareness kicks in. I realized that I was dreaming but was "aware as well" and I started singing "hungry like a wolf" songs and looking to see if I can find the Mega Voyager.

      I hear music playing from the cafe and saw the robotic figure getting up after finishing it's food and going up to pay for the bill.

      As I was humming about, closing my eyes and concentrating on the zord appearing I ran across a place. It was a room with lacy curtains in it and on a couch, sitting with outer people, was the Mega Winger! It was a female and she said something to the others before laying down and relaxing.

      Not working out so far then I seen a huge detailed Mega Voyager appear. He looked over in my direction and then he walked off somewhere, disappearing behind a bridge and out of sight. I guess I'll be concentrating on Predazord since Mega Voyager dosen't want to come out and play.

      So I started calling out Predazords name and as soon as I did that and began heading down a path away from the restaurant. The robot I saw earlier came outside, showing off all of it's details. His wing like ears, stern eyes, the circular lasers in his chest and his white bus like feet with the brown windows.

      He looked over at me, showing his mean looking face and I ran away, saying "oh no!" I know I was looking for him but not that one. I ended up running into a group of people for not looking where I was going and tripped, spilling something I had gotten earlier from a carnival. Mega Voyager charged at me, with his hands out stretched and before I can get up, he pounced out to my back, tackling me to to ground. He stood up, picking me up and I was trapped in his arms. He looked at me with its glowing yellow eyes and asked if I were ok. I said yes and he let me going but stood close to me.
    3. Broken toilet

      by , 03-24-2019 at 04:58 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start the dream in the process of starting my business I sat down on the toilet and nearly fell into the bowl. I get up and saw that the seat was the wrong size and had too much of the gap open. I lifted up the seat and flushed it. I saw a blue bad go up into the hole and got stuck. I reach in there and pulled it out and looked and saw nothing else there. So I flushed it again and this time the water started coming up and I can see that there were more bags stuck up inside the opening. "Who put this stuff in the toilet?" I was not about to stick my hand that far in there so I looked around for a hanger and unraveled it so that I get a hook. I took it, stuck it into the hole and started pulling out bags. Some were blue ,some were white and some looked to be cloths. At some point the hook got covered in poo and toilet paper and had to watch that I didn't get any one me. Then dropped the hook and it ended up falling behind the toilet. I stooped down and pick up the toilet and started carrying it but it was full of water and some started to spill. I sat it down and when I did that, the water line got stretched out too far and it broke, draining out the water in the toilet. I opened to lid and saw that it was now empty and clear of bags. I put it back into the corner and saw the strange sized toilet seat that was too long. I closed to lid and stooped down behind the toilet. The cord that looked electrical was disconnected and needed to be re attached to the back of the toilet.I removed to protective covering but ended up dropping it and shattering it on the floor. I brushed to peices back, grabbed to cord and saw the opening in the wall. It looked like it had water lime on it and was where I need to plug it in at.
    4. The Predazord

      by , 03-24-2019 at 04:40 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      Upon entering this dream I am Lucid. I am closing my eyes and focusing on a sex dream and a random partner. I suddenly feel something pick me up off of the ground and also an aggressive tickling sensations under each of my arms as though someone was tickling me there. I open my eyes and I see that it is the Predazord from Power rangers wild force! I see him looking at me with his yellow eyes and thought that the dream was gonna end with me getting wasted by him. But it didn't. He sat me down in front of him, releasing my arms from his mouth hands and the bad sensation disappeared. He said something to me and he smiled at me, lifting up the alligator head on his chest. We are out in the parking lot at the apartments and he sits next to me. After sometime of talking I feel him nudge me with his alligator head and then starts to rub under my legs with it and hoists my legs up to stick me with it but I decided not to go through with it and backed away. He quickly grabbed my in his arms and I can see that his chest was up and I saw all the teeth sticking out the side of that gator mouth. I don't think so!
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    5. Iron man gets fed up with me

      by , 03-24-2019 at 04:26 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off in this dream doing random things. I'm at what feels like Raymond and I'm doing someones hair,brushing their dark hair and rubbing the strands in the direction I brush.

      Then I'm outside in an unfamiliar place. There are trailers around and we are in the woods. I do "something" and Ironman was there and I didn't know it. he flew down to me, pointing at me about what ever it is I did and says not to to that again. I avoid him and start walking away from him without looking where I was going. I tripped over a rock, flipping it.

      I stooped down to flip it back over and I see ants start to pour out of a small crack in the center of the rock. Ironman scuffs and says "Now look what you'ev done." I look at him and see that he was all armored up and said "No thanks to you!" I walk away again and he follows me. I pick something up and threw it at him, hitting him in the helmet and then took off towards the house I was at earlier.

      Iron man lists his arm and started pressing buttons on it. I stopped to see what he was doing. Another suit flies next to him that was empty and thats when I realized what was about to happen. "Encapsulate her." He commended as I yelled at him "what the heck-" I felt the armor slap on to my leg I bent to to try and pull it off but then felt it slap onto my arm and began to pull me towards the rest of the suit that was open. I struggled as I ran from it and ended up in a strange HI

      I'm in the midst of confronting Tony but almost forget that their are pieces of armor on me and if the helmet gets on my head it'd be all over, plus I didn't want to be trapped inside of armor that can self destruct with you inside of it. I looked around so some kind of way to escape. In the ground there is a puddle with smelly green vapor coming from it. I run over to it and jump inside and realized that it is liquid poo.

      I didn't care the armor got off of me right before I plowed into it and I saw Tony grimace "ew" I laugh at him. "sucker!" I knew I was in a dream and I closed my eyes and ducked down in the poo and gave a middle finger as I slowly sunk down.

      Right before my hand went under I feel the armor grabs it and pulls me up out of the poo. I was covered head to toe and yucky poo and thought the he was gonna trap me inside armor, poo and all. But it flew me over to a pool that was next door and threw me into it.

      The armor dipped me in and out and then the other parts started wash me in the water, scrubbing my head and back and once all of the poo was off, took me out of the water, sprayed me with something that smelled good and then the helmet slams on to my face.

      I tried to get it off but I was not able to see and felt the rest of the armor cover my body. It shows me at the pool, struggling to get the armor off. Then I was able to see through the computer optics. I saw the house of the yard and people was coming out to see what was going on in the back yard.

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    6. Mega Dragonzord

      by , 12-01-2018 at 06:13 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I'm at some kind of an event and there is a huge crowd of people around me. We are in an audience and someone dressed as the mega dragonzord appears and starts walking down a ramp. He is gonna walk right pass me and I have my toy there. Someone behind me distracts me and I turn away to deal with him. When I turn back The cos player has already passed me up and was further down. I was kinda glad that I was distracted for some odd reason. I saw other people with their things too like swords, guns and sabers, waving them around like he was famous. Was he? LOL
    7. Dragonzord

      by , 12-01-2018 at 06:08 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I had a night filled with SP maybe got paralyzed 2 or 3 times. Anyhow I first SP Lucid was hen I was laying down in bed and I felt the SP coming on. It made my head snap involuntarily side to side like I was having a bad dream then finally it washed over me. I felt the weight come over me with some slight tickling then I would start testing If i'm asleep. I would try to move but can't and if I can't that means I'm too awake. So I'd close my eyes for a few seconds then try again and this time I was able to get up. My mom was in the bed but was was the toy of preda zord. He was messing with me with his gator on his chest and then he gets a hold of my finger and swallows it in his mouth. I feel something inside burn me and I quickly yank my finger out of his chest. There is a small burned mark on the tip off my finger and I ended up slipping back into SP.

      I slip into a none lucid dream about my dad. It was dawn with the room being filled with natural blue light. I'm at Raymond and I am laying down in my moms room. I'm at the top of the bed inbetween the head bored and the mattress I can feel my legs bending down into the gap so only my top torso was on the bed. My dad comes in and is asking for me. My sister is laying on the bed and is turning towards me but I wake up glad to have been where I was.

      The dream changes and I'm now outside with it bright and sunny. I have made my dad upset about something and he has turned into the toy of vintage Dragon zord and is chasing me and some other person. He was small in size but knew we had to stay away from him of you would end up caught by what ever punishments he had in stored for us. The area we were at was flooded with light brown rushing water and we had to swim through it to get further up the road. Dragon zord followed us into the water and I thought he got swept away because of his size and him going under. I laughed at him until I seen a green fin headed towards us, he's swimming under the water. We both bolted to the right embankment and crawled out. the person I was with ended up turning into a small object and then I see Dragon zord come out of the water man sized. He started running after us and in the scramble to escape ended up dropping the person I had. He landed directly in front of the Dragon zord and quickly I grabbed him before he gets stepped on and caught by him and as I did that Dragon snatched at me, almost getting hold on me. I ran next to some brick buildings and down a dirt alleyway as Dragon zord followed me, wagging his drill tipped tail in the wake.

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    8. Robo Cop following me

      by , 12-01-2018 at 05:39 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off in a huge house of some sort and there are things happening. I am a little girl and is walking around. Some times I'm with people and other times I am alone. There is a strange long room that I am in and the dream cam is a top down angled view and I walking around inside that is full of stuff and junk.

      Robocop come from around a corner and he follows behind me. I am not aware of him but he is coming up on me and I began to hear his footsteps. I had no idea what it was and thought that it was machinery and ran away from the sound. I hear someone yell "Hey!" As a black robotic hand reaches out for me.

      I ran through a door and is back in the huge room. It was all dark and I can see furniture like a table that is in front of a couch. There was some light but it was from an unknown light source. I walk out of the room and into someone else room. The person there was a sleep but the light was on. I got out before he wakes up and sees me there and then back down the hallway. Somethings happen and I'm running from some one but who ever it was chasing me got cut off by a huge figure who punched him, sending the chaser flying and skidded on the floor unconscious. I began to hear the footsteps again and they were getting louder. I looked back and saw that it was Robocop.

      He seemed to smile when I looked at him as I saw the corners of his mouth curled upwards a tiny bit. I grew wide eye and he put his hand up to indicate he was friendly but I again took off and this time found my self in a new environment. I was at Madison and was coming down some stairs and was about to go into a kitchen that was right around a corner but a robotic dark hand reaches out and grabs my shoulder. I turn around and it is Robocop. Again. He held on to me this time and said "Don't be afraid. Don't." In a gentle human like voice.

      I think I did some more things but don't recall it very well bu anyhow where ever I went Robo Cop followed me and sometime he would attack things that get too close to me like he did to that person earlier.

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    9. Chased by pyramidis and Auric

      by , 11-23-2018 at 08:27 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off in a place with my mom and her friends. It looks like we are at Peter's house and I was sitting on the floor, watching TV. There was a table behind me and further back was some couches with people there. Me and my mom I think got into it about something and I get upset and leave the house.

      My mom calls after me but I ignore her and start walking down streets and alleyways.

      Someone walks up to my mom and was wondering what the situation was. She said something and it looked like the person said leave it to me and set out for me. He got into his vehicle which ended up being pyramidis, which is a huge megazord used to for the Zeo Ultrazord then drove off in it's none robot mode.

      I was running up a highway filled with cars when I saw the huge zord coming up the adjacent opposite side of the freeway, being careful not to hit any cars. "what the actual fu-" It's the fuckin Pyramidis! I saw the person inside who was at the tip, pointing at me and fingering me to come here.

      I was not about to let him take me back in that thing. I looked around and spotted a bridge over pass and ran under it. He'd be way too big to fit in here. He drove up to it, parked it on the side of the road, then he got out. I saw construction stuff all around me and there were people in here, working too.

      I ran into a building that has spawned in to hide me and made my way over to an elevator. I pressed the button for it to come down but by the time it did make it, the person was already at the door. He banged on it to get my attention. "Hey!" I turned to him and that's when I saw who it really was. It was Auric! I knew I was not gonna make it on the elevator in time and left it.

      Now I end up in a strange room. It looked like a bowling alley only it was the size of a bedroom and the alley's were like only 6 feet long. There were black bags over the machines where the balls come out of and then Auric steps into the room, trapping me. I can see all of his details like his hard cloak on his back and his large size and red eyes. I ran around the ball machine, trying to keep him on the opposite side of me but he was not having it. he leapt over the machine, pouncing me before I can run down the alleyway. "Gotcha!" He waves a finger at me for being naughty then grabs the back of my head and slams my face into his chest. "that's for running off like that from your people. And." He bangs my head into his chest again. " That's for making me come all the way out here to get ya and not not stopping when I told you to come here."

      He was now in his toy mode in my arms and I started laughing at what just happened, now semi lucid.

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    10. Scuba diving and kid zord

      by , 10-26-2018 at 07:26 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I dunno how long I was in this dream but it felt like I was in it for a very long time. Anyhow I start off in an ocean and I was with someone. I was at the seabed, swimming around and looking at things. I went to the surface with the DC and he decided that he wanted to setup camp in the ocean. We inside a frame of a cube and was closed in with tinted windows. I was inside and realized that the dark water was coming in from the bottom and rising. Trying to scare me are we dream? I thought about me sinking to the bottom of this massive sea and was back at the bottom in no time. I seen the sandy bed coming and landed in it, several hundred phantoms below sea level. I looked up and can see ray of light coming in from way up above me.

      After that dream I'm now in a completely different dream. I'm at my recent home duane drive but it is all strange and big. I'm supposivly working on a 3d model of megazord and I'm looking at his arched eyes. I stretched them vertically to give them more arching shapes. I see an archway in my house that are shaped like the upper parts of Megazords brows and they stretch upwards. After that I see a little kid, me running around looking like the original Thunder Megazord. I ran around a table and out of sight.
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    11. pinball machine

      by , 10-25-2018 at 02:50 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start this dream in an extremely dark place and someone is playing a pinball game. He's not doing so good and lets me finish his game. Now I'm playing and it is very hard to see as there were no lights on it that worked, just a completely dark machine. I ball went over to the left side and I thought it was a goner but it ended up over at the ball launcher. I pulled the spring lever and let it go. it hits the ball and sends it up but on the way up where it was almost out of the tube, I hear another sound like the ball smacked up against a marble ball. The ball I sent out went back into the launcher tube and the second ball it hit was sent out onto the main gaming board. I left the first ball resting on the launcher as I didn't want to deal with two balls being out there at the same time as the second ball bounced around and made sounds. To help me see better in the nearly black place I angled the machine towards a row of tall open windows among the wall that had moonlight coming through it. Something, a bumper or spinner sent the ball shooting at the middle. I quickly grabbed the flipper button and the left flipper quickly moved over the gap, blocking the ball from going any further but also jamming the flippers and causing a tilt. I launched the second ball and there was a bonus car thingy on the main board. If you manage to hit it and get the ball inside, the ball will ride the car in a bonus area where you get a lot of points at. Upon launching it something hits the ball and it bounces of the top and went over to the left where a bumper shot the ball up into the car.

      The Orange colored car goes flying out of the machine and it lands next to me. I tried to see if I can move the car back in but since my controller was fix to play the pinball I couldn't move it well. I mashed on the buttons, trying to get it back into the game but it was only moving a little bit. By this time there was some light coming in from all around as a sage colored light behind some kind of fog. Are we outside now? As it slowed down something hit the car from behind, towards the machine and I saw it was another car! It kept hitting it but took damage as it did so and ended up blowing up. After that the car respawns next to me and I saw that this time it had claws on the front of it like the ones one the sub of the Boukenger pink zord. It came around the front and was coming up to me and then I saw that I was laying down as a dark colored Megazord stood over my face, then it knocked itself over onto my face and felt the plastic hit me. Even though it didn't hurt I can hear myself talking to him, saying. "Ow, that hurt. You can't just do that like that because your body is hard!"
    12. I became a giant!

      by , 10-23-2018 at 02:08 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I remember a large part of this dream and that was the last two bits and scenes. There was more but can't remember it well.

      I'm watching power rangers and I ended up inside the film. It was daytime but things were odd and discolored like an old 80s VHS tape would be. Instead of the sky being a nice crisp color, it was flickering and that discolored green color you'd see in old films, the dark areas were all grainy with those bits of red and blue colors flickering around and it was very blurry sometimes like old movies would be. It was daytime and the colors were bright and exaggerated. I was out in the backyard wondering what was going on about something random, it may have been something about the earlier part of the dream but anyhow I was there in the yard, standing in front of the steps that lead into the house. I saw the the odd colored hedges that were a yellowy green color and the grass was the same as well. There was a monster there and he was some kind of food type guy who looked like the Dora Goblin from Zyuranger. He was next to the hedge and had a tiny slider looking burger in his hand. He threw it at me and I dodged it, expecting it to explode but instead it hit the dirt patch near the corner of the house where the flowerbed used to be at. The burger broke apart into its respective layers of meat, cheese a bun. He threw another one and it bounced off the side panels and dusted itself on the ground. Threw another, hit the glass pane to the stove area, leaving a smear of probably mustard and ketchup.I looked closer at it Nope it was the burger smearing the dust off the window, leaving behind a transparent smudge. The are not exploding? These attacks are harmless he's not evil at all. I picked up one of the sandwiches from on the ground and got the on covered in dust. it was all grayish in color, desaturated and freezer burned looking and I threw it back down.

      I started talking to him about how humans live and the buildings that you see here are our homes. I was once in the gravle driveway behind the fence gates, pointing up at the next door neighbors house that was a grey color. By this time the details of the dream were much clearer and better. "ya know I would love to have some more of those tasty sandwiches!"

      We are now back in the house and, made it to the front porch but was cut off when the bad guys show up. "They are gonna make you grow!" I didn't want that because then the Megazords would kill him. I got in front of him as a purple scorpina appeared. The monster who is now a boy started walking towards her but I grabbed him and seen that he was pulling and pushing at me, wanting to go with her. I was not having it and pulled him back away from her. Scorpina didn't care who got Big and ended up zapping both of us. I knew what was gonna happen next, the boy ran outside, bursting through the front door as he became a giant. I had red electric all on my body on my hands, legs and arms and then saw the black and gold megazord toy there with me, since I was human the effect for me would take slightly longer, I did not want to stay inside and destroy my home. "I need to get out now!" I ran out of the door, banging my head up against the top part of the opening as I did so its already happening!

      I made it out just in time and I finally see myself unable to control it any longer grew huge. I see my legs and then another set of blue and yellow legs. I look over to my right and down the street was the Dino Megazord (Daizyujin). He was looking at me and his face was strange looking and small but still had the details like his yellow eyes and red horned ears that stuck out each sides of his head.

      I don't know where the monster went but I ended up running past the zord who tried to reach out and get me and now he is behind me, chasing me.

      After some time of running I see the zord is now in a car behind me and he pulls up to me and gets out. We are next to the corner store and I realized that I have shrunk but so has Megazord. " We are small again!" I went to the car and realized that this was no normal car and looked inside through the window that was rolled down. Inside was the weird thingy with the buttons on it, it was the time machine! The Delorian! I turned and looked back up at Megazord and seen that he was now a human and was bent over, doing something.
    13. Accordion

      by , 10-22-2018 at 12:54 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I'm at Raymond street in the diningroom, sitting on the ledge in front of the windows where the plants are usually at. My dad was there and he had an accordion, playing it. I don't know what the song was but it sounded cool. I turned towards him and seen him standing up from behind the china cabinet and walking through the double sliding doors from here I can see the detail of the instrument. It was a small one with the folds in the middle and the keyboards and buttons in his hand. He came into the lit room I was in. He stood in front of me and was still playing it. After he got done with it He gives it to me to play and the dream shifted. It is daytime and I'm now at 191 Burton with it, standing in front of the stairs with the door in front of me. I try to play it. It was wrapped around my body with the straps to help me hold it up and ready for my try. I pressed the little round buttons with the keyboard part and started playing it. It didn't sound anything like the way it should and instead a strange high pitched sound came with each squeeze and pull and was pressing the wrong notes. I have zero experience with this type of instrument so I wasn't expecting it to come out well.

      After that I wake up into an HI

      It is night time and I'm fighting things. I took the accordion I had and swung it at what ever it was I was fighting and it made a loud unnotely sound. Fearing I broke it I took it and ran off away from the people instead of trying to fight them in nearly pitch dark conditions.
    14. Rape scene and broken carpet cleaner

      by , 10-20-2018 at 04:50 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I'm watching a movie and at is at a rape scene. The background was black. There is a woman getting forced to do sexual things with some man. It showed him hunched over the top of her with his naked ass pointed towards me, then it showed them standing up with his dick inside her cat then her sucking him off. When they got finished she was looking at his cock as it hung from inbetween his legs. it was a small pink color, slumped down not looking satisfied.

      After that I was up and then go into a new five minute dream

      I'm in a bathroom and was about to use the toilet but then I see mass amounts of water in the bathtub. There is a vacuum/ rug cleaner there and it was turn over on it's side with water coming out from the canister inside. It looked like it was cracked or damaged. I get up and ask mom about it and she tells me that she is draining out all of that water so that it don't sit inside and get stagnant. I was slightly afraid of the amount of water in the tub and it seems to be filling up and I pulled up my pants and got out of there.
    15. Auric almost picks me up

      by , 10-20-2018 at 04:34 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I'm in a strange place that is very dusty and quiet. Dust roiled up as I walked around and then I seen a fireplace near me. I went over to it and inside was Auric! "There you are!" I felt myself being lifted up and realized that I was in his hand and quickly jumped out of there before he can get me. I heard him say something and then he squeezes himself out and I saw he had his sword out. I ran but I saw him put his hand up "Wait!" I saw him start to fight people and monsters as he made his way towards me.
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