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    My Robotic imagination

    long dream about stores, poo and external organ

    by , 04-12-2016 at 04:57 PM (412 Views)
    I start off in a huge store and I'm working,doing something up high. I'm on a very tall ladder that is in the middle of a crowded isle. I think I was fixing a light or something because it looked like I was reaching up behind on, trying to do whatever. The lights were florescent ones and the one I was at seemed fine. I had been up there for a long time and lost track of where I actually was. I take a step and nearly fell off of the vaulting ladder. I grabbed on to one of the steps and quickly got down. I was talking with some people about about it and was overwhelmed at how close to dying I was. I told them that I'am never going up there for any reason again.

    Sometime had pass and I'm just roaming around in the store. I see a room and I think my brother was there watching tv.

    I leave there and I realized how long I have been in here and is wondering if my mom is in here looking for me. I look outside in the parking lot and it is full of cars, some moving and most parked. It'd be impossible to spot my moms little black Cobolt. Plus I was at the front or the stores and don't know which way she may have came.

    Dream 2

    I'm in a dark dinning room the looks like the old 894 Raymond one but it was cramped up and hard to move around in. it was like a strange box, I seen the table, a computer and a dressing and that it was daytime outside. In front of me was a disgusting sight. A big toilet full of toilet paper and poo that had a white bucket on top of the stuff turned sideways and partially buried in the wet paper. What the hell happened here? I lifted the bucket up and pulled it out and under it was nasty brown poopy water and stink. I had no gloves on and was careful not to get any one me. The toilet now looked like a sink drain and in the drain part was toilet paper and smelly poop water. I realized that my brother had done this and he was actually here in the room with me, looking at his mess. I yelled at him and ordered for him to clean this up. I sat the nasty bucket down next to him and he turns and quickly runs out and over to a computer that was in another room.

    This room is much brighter and he was doing one of his recordings and shushing me so that I don't mess up his tape. He sat in a plastic outdoor chair and next to the computer was a TV, sitting on the mantel. He really has something going on here.

    Dream 3

    I don't know too much details about this dream but all I know is that something has happened and I ended up birthing out some kind of football sized pink organ thing. It had a hole in one side where you can stick your finger into if you wanted to and was wet and slippery. I walked around with this thing for a bit and was playing with it. It made strange sounds and realized that it was still alive and needed to be put back into my body. So I put it back the way it came and felt it inside my uterus and then it moved to the rare end. I don't want it there and I push. I feel it come and it popped out again and realized that I put it in the wrong place and it needed to go in the backside. I returned it there, felt it go up and move back into the right position and then suddenly I awoke with a very strong arousal feeling for a good 4 or 5 seconds.

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