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    My Robotic imagination

    The Predazord

    by , 03-24-2019 at 04:40 AM (447 Views)
    Upon entering this dream I am Lucid. I am closing my eyes and focusing on a sex dream and a random partner. I suddenly feel something pick me up off of the ground and also an aggressive tickling sensations under each of my arms as though someone was tickling me there. I open my eyes and I see that it is the Predazord from Power rangers wild force! I see him looking at me with his yellow eyes and thought that the dream was gonna end with me getting wasted by him. But it didn't. He sat me down in front of him, releasing my arms from his mouth hands and the bad sensation disappeared. He said something to me and he smiled at me, lifting up the alligator head on his chest. We are out in the parking lot at the apartments and he sits next to me. After sometime of talking I feel him nudge me with his alligator head and then starts to rub under my legs with it and hoists my legs up to stick me with it but I decided not to go through with it and backed away. He quickly grabbed my in his arms and I can see that his chest was up and I saw all the teeth sticking out the side of that gator mouth. I don't think so!

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    Tags: lucid
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