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    My Robotic imagination

    Strange dream with disturbing HI (hypnopompic)

    by , 11-15-2016 at 10:12 PM (236 Views)
    I began this dream in the process of playing a video game. It was Smash Brothers and the image was mostly white with some people on a stage there. I was fighting and then something happened to when I was now back at the PS menu. I'm looking through files and I find on in the My pictures that was not there before. It had no name on it and was compressed. I opened it and this is what I saw. It was a black and white movie that looked to be from the 80s. It displayed an already dead mouse which had been cut up into different parts and who ever it was, was cutting bits of bone out. I can only see the persons hands but they were cutting and separating the bones out of the mouse and putting them in a pile off to the opposite side of the screen. I wake up but it was for a brief amount of time and this is where the HI took over. I watched it for a bit then turned it off and told my Mega buddies about it. Mega Voyager and Engine-o was there and I began to explain to them what I had found. I don't know where this came from but there is something on my ps3 that is disturbing about a mouse. Once I said that, Engine-o took the PS3 and in the process dropped it, busting open a side panel. Inside was an SD card stuck inside of what looks to be a homemade slot that was not supposed to be there. Mega Voyager took me away from the screen and while he was doing that, Speedor (who is part of Engine-o) began to look through my console. Even though I couldn't see it, the dream still allowed me to see what was going on. There was a hidden file tucked away inside of the images folder and when Speedor opened it, the view turned back to me and the TV was now behind me and I was standing in front of it. Speedor's eyes got wide and BeeBee (Bear RV) began to cry and cowar under Speeder and Buson, Buson was livid. From their expression I began to get scared. Something horrible is on the TV behind me, isn't it. I said to Engine-o. He didn't say anything, he just stood there, staring at the image behind me. I turned to look at it and immediately Engine-o grabbed me before I can look and carried me out room and as we did that he shouted to Mega-V Burn that card. We are now in the living room that was darker but had the kitchen light on and boy was Bee Bee terrified. She was crying and Speedor was trying hard to comfort her and so was Buson. I told them not to be scared, it was just a stupid mouse. I didn't know where it came from or how it got onto my console. I just wanted to tell you guys what I have seen since it was seemingly no big deal. Once they got BeeBee calm Speedor Explained to me what he saw. What I saw was no mouse at all. I was very confused and shrugged as he continued to explain. What I just saw, was a mutilated corpse of a human child. Now I was terrified. There were hundreds more files on there but that one was horrible. All this time I had been sleeping in that room with the game these things were there? What really got to me about this dream was the fact that I was standing in front of what I thought was harmless but something like that was behind me, and to top it off was the PS3 I had was Used, meaning that it could have been owned by a serial killer. Speedor then states. There is no telling what that game console came from but we need to get rid of it and now. I turned to speedor. I had this for three years, there is no use acting upon it now. Speedor shook he head angrily and then Buson spoke. That thing is coming up out of there and we'll get you a new one, who know what other vile things may show up. I'm just glad that all you seen was a mouse. Engine-o felt that I was now scared of my PS3 and he held me. I'm sorry, but I felt you needed to know about it. Since it has been right under our noses all this time. It was just by the grace of God that you didn't find the main bulk of the files. Had we not known about it, I'm quite sure those files would have shown up not just on your game but on your computer as well...We need to get that thing out of here. Beebee agree but can still tell that she was still afraid because I can feel her shaking but I knew she was glad to be in the middle of Speedor and Buson. I heard a loud sound coming from in my room. Engine-o and I both ran back only to see that Mega Voyager standing in front of the SD card. The SD card was on the floor, burned and broken up into three pieces. The PS3 was fine, still hooked and on the menu screen.

    Chained dream

    It is now daytime and I'm in a huge place. It was lacy, white curtains and robots there. I had done something and was getting chased by one of the robots. They were big in size and white with black colored joints. I heard him make a robotic whir sound as he tried to grab me but I ran up stairs and then asked what the heck I do to get into trouble. He tells me something and I apologize about it. He accepts at and stops chasing me. After that I ended up going downstairs in the basement for some reason and the robot followed me. No one had been down there for years but it still had things like heat and lights there. There was also a table there and in red spray painted or blood letters across the table was something threatening. For some reason that made me think of the last dream I was in with those crazy images. The feeling from the last dream was coming back and no sooner that happened I ended up outside, flying around in someones back yard. Now I'm lucid and just start playing around with how high I can go but being careful not to fly too high into space.

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