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    My Robotic imagination

    Sweets and Tidalwave from Transformers

    by , 02-09-2017 at 06:52 AM (217 Views)
    I start off in this dream in what appears to be upstairs somewhere. There were lights on and I was doing things until I got semi lucid. My mom was making cakes and stuff and I seen square pieces of cake all around. They were on the table on some on the floor. I got hold of one and started to eat it until I thought, what if it tastes like fecal matter. I ignored that thought and took a bite. It was sweet to the taste but not too much. I sat the rest of the cake down and then went downstairs. As I did that I see clear glass bowls filled with banana pudding. It had the Nilla wafers on the top almost looking like egg yoke and some yellow colored cream under them. There were many big bowls of them. What one earth is my mom doing was all I can think the say of this.

    Dream shifts or an FA. I'm watch transformers and a decepticon named Tidalwave tranferrs himself into some kind of Alt dimension. He is with a friend who was a dark colored robot, displaying greys and purples on him. Tidalwave seems happy as he began to explore this place that looks like it is outside somewhere with grass a sky and trees. He then starts to jump around joyfully running through the scene and I hear his deep voice laugh in enjoyment.

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