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    1. Heavyarms returns

      by , 08-05-2019 at 06:21 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      It is daytime and I start off by having an FA. I hear yard tools outside my window and I look to see what it is. The neighbors little boy was with his dad on top of the fence, drilling a hole into a thick tree disk. The tool looked like it was one of those pipe cutters they use to cut round openings into pipes. Dunno what those are called, anyhow I see this and is very displeased at the fact that he allows his kid to operate such dangerous tools. They are also chopping something that is flinging wooden chunks everywhere. I get lucid from this nonsense and get out of the window before a piece of wood hits m in the head. I pick one of my toys, the power rangers Mega Voyager and starts looking at his chest. the holes on it are moving around in undesired ways, forming irregular shapes and and red colors on him were now blue. I shook my head and took the Predazord instead. I go through the living room where my brother was and head on outside. I talked to Predazord and said "lets see what todays dream will bring us?" He nodded. I walk around and realize that it rained and everything was flooded out. I saw muddy brown water everywhere and shook my head. "already at a bad start." I climbed up on this wooden structure and spotted a building nearby that had Gundams there. I walk over to it and sees that there were several Gundams there. One was standing in front of the building and the rest were up on the roof, looking down at me. The Gundam on the ground was the same one from the last dream. All detailed and looking like me model. I look at Predazord and said "watch him run away just like he did in the last dream." He jumped up on to the roof with the others. "Yep. The same stupid one from the last dream, guess he didn't learn from its first mistake of angering a Lucid dreamer." As I turned to walk away to tear this one down and find a new dream I saw something hiding in the rafters from the structure I was on earlier. I looked up above me and saw that it was the original Heavyarms Gundam! He dropped down as soon as he saw me in an attempt to land on top of me, but I dodged out of the way and he miss, landing with a huge thud. He started walking toward me, making the footsteps he makes in the super Nintendo game then he started running at me and I woke up.
    2. Mercury men

      by , 08-05-2019 at 05:57 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off having an FA and I'm looking through a hole in the wall. The opening is about one foot wide and is an irregular rounded square. I start to feel uneasy for some reason and seen that I was in Chris's room on the bottom bunk. I start to feel like SP is coming and the tickling sensation easing in. "this is good that this hole is here, that way I can see outside and know what is going on." After I said that the unease disappeared. There were tall skyscrapers on the other side and cars zooming about. As time passed of me looking through the hole the dream shifted seamlessly.

      I was now outside in Raymond in the backyard near the fence, looking up into the sky. I say faintly lite fireworks that looked like they were many, many miles away. I saw a short burst of them, then a second burst, then saw several comets appear. I ran into the house as the comets turned into red flare like lights that slowly descended then exploded.

      My first thought was to go into the basement. I started to but then I hear the back door get kicked down and an alien that looked like a human with grey, dead skin. He aimed something at me and fired, I dodged just as it grazed me, burning away part of my sleeve and singing my skin. He shot at me again, this time aiming at a spot he thought I was gonna go for. The beam went completely through the table and chair, killing anything that was behind it. These beams only kill organic things. I ran up the steps and into the attic and the grey man followed me, stating that I will not get away.

      I waited for him to come around a corner and when did, grabbed his gun and shot it up into his face. "You'll never get away with this... Never." He stated as his face was cut from ear to ear. Silver, mercury colored liquid spilled from with he was cut at and his face slid off and onto the ground, his faceless body collapsing shortly after.

      It was at this time that I realize that my grandma was up here as well. She was hiding up here and now I needed to protect her. After sometime of the invaders shooting and killing people they decided that it was time to leave since one of them already got killed. So to make sure they get as much of this area cleared as possible.

      They began to set off laser bombs. The first one was set off somewhere out in the back as I heard the sound it made which was Samuses super bombs. The second one was set right next to the house and I quickly booked it to the other side, holding and dragging my grandma along. The laser came into part of the room and I heard something behind me make crackling electric sound then the laser stopped right behind me and quickly shrinking away.

      I knew that it got my Grandma and thought that it got me too until I was able to still move. I ran downstairs and there were normal people there. I told them that my Grandme is gone. They started talking to me about the incident then I woke up.
    3. Gremlin that hates humans

      by , 08-05-2019 at 05:20 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      Very short dream. It was about some alien thing that was always getting on my nerves about something. I would do one thing and he would yell at me or he would break something and blame it on me.

      He is now in a dark counseling room with a projector, talking to his higher up about what ever. After some more messing around with him and seeing that he looks like a Gremlin he talks to his higher up again, blaming something on me. This time I spoke up and said "He Started it, non of this would be going on if he would stop doing things his way. I was standing in a doorway that led to an attic. Then I left, fed up with this thing. Outside it shows me leaving the house and I hear the monster talking to his God about what ever but I do here him say "Starnded on the place full of these fritter mouthed humans." Then at the ended of the dream a weird theme plays.

      HI- I have an FA and the weird music is playing. I look up on my TV screen and see that ugly Gremlin in a freeze frame with text under him. I think the music was his theme and that was why it was a picture of him there.
      I also had a random thought about him looking like the Mega Voyager and him warning me that I better get out of here.
    4. Bad heavyarms dream

      by , 08-05-2019 at 05:07 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off in this dream in a game that became real. It was about something the required you to go into different rooms to unlock puzzles and riddles to other paths. I seen some people from the game that looked like gundams go up into a vent. I tried to follow them but the opening was way to small, only enough room for tiny figurine toys. I looked inside the vent and saw a party of at least nine people and SD mechs walking around inside. After that I wanted to see who was playing this. So I went to see if I can find them and spotted them. Off in a dark room with only the TV light illuminating the place I saw my brother and my model toy Heavy arms there! I needed to give them an excuse to come after me so I threw a rock or something at him and hit the Gundam in its head. He stood up, looking at me with angry green eyes then I ran off, hoping that he would follow. He didn't instead it went back to playing with my brother and blew me off. So I got Lucid and threw something at him again. I heard him shout "I'll kill you." And saw them get out, to try and trap me in the backyard, coming around on each side of the house on Raymond. I slipped passed them ans was on the street, looking at them. I tried really hard to will him to come after me but it didn't work instead he turned around and went off with my brother to play more video games and avoided me. As much as I hated to do this with such a very detailed Gundam in my dream I had no other choice. I had to end them and ended them I did. I spun with such force that it tore up the dream and it put me in an FA where I was in a bedroom. Still trying to keep me here and waste my time? I woke myself up, completely obliterating the dream.
      Tags: gundam
    5. Mega Voyager

      by , 07-03-2019 at 10:45 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I started off going into SP. I felt it coming as I was falling asleep and then find myself at a busy place. It was daytime and people milling about. I saw buildings, shops and, more people. I was walking around as usual then came to a cafe. It was a walk in one where you just come and sit and the waiters will know that you just got there and come serve you. There were tables, chairs and costumers all inside doing what people do at a dinning area. As I scanned this place Among the people I saw a very robotic DC, sitting off in a corner eating with its group of robots.

      I avoided him and went back outside and this is where my awareness kicks in. I realized that I was dreaming but was "aware as well" and I started singing "hungry like a wolf" songs and looking to see if I can find the Mega Voyager.

      I hear music playing from the cafe and saw the robotic figure getting up after finishing it's food and going up to pay for the bill.

      As I was humming about, closing my eyes and concentrating on the zord appearing I ran across a place. It was a room with lacy curtains in it and on a couch, sitting with outer people, was the Mega Winger! It was a female and she said something to the others before laying down and relaxing.

      Not working out so far then I seen a huge detailed Mega Voyager appear. He looked over in my direction and then he walked off somewhere, disappearing behind a bridge and out of sight. I guess I'll be concentrating on Predazord since Mega Voyager dosen't want to come out and play.

      So I started calling out Predazords name and as soon as I did that and began heading down a path away from the restaurant. The robot I saw earlier came outside, showing off all of it's details. His wing like ears, stern eyes, the circular lasers in his chest and his white bus like feet with the brown windows.

      He looked over at me, showing his mean looking face and I ran away, saying "oh no!" I know I was looking for him but not that one. I ended up running into a group of people for not looking where I was going and tripped, spilling something I had gotten earlier from a carnival. Mega Voyager charged at me, with his hands out stretched and before I can get up, he pounced out to my back, tackling me to to ground. He stood up, picking me up and I was trapped in his arms. He looked at me with its glowing yellow eyes and asked if I were ok. I said yes and he let me going but stood close to me.
    6. Iron man gets fed up with me

      by , 03-24-2019 at 04:26 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off in this dream doing random things. I'm at what feels like Raymond and I'm doing someones hair,brushing their dark hair and rubbing the strands in the direction I brush.

      Then I'm outside in an unfamiliar place. There are trailers around and we are in the woods. I do "something" and Ironman was there and I didn't know it. he flew down to me, pointing at me about what ever it is I did and says not to to that again. I avoid him and start walking away from him without looking where I was going. I tripped over a rock, flipping it.

      I stooped down to flip it back over and I see ants start to pour out of a small crack in the center of the rock. Ironman scuffs and says "Now look what you'ev done." I look at him and see that he was all armored up and said "No thanks to you!" I walk away again and he follows me. I pick something up and threw it at him, hitting him in the helmet and then took off towards the house I was at earlier.

      Iron man lists his arm and started pressing buttons on it. I stopped to see what he was doing. Another suit flies next to him that was empty and thats when I realized what was about to happen. "Encapsulate her." He commended as I yelled at him "what the heck-" I felt the armor slap on to my leg I bent to to try and pull it off but then felt it slap onto my arm and began to pull me towards the rest of the suit that was open. I struggled as I ran from it and ended up in a strange HI

      I'm in the midst of confronting Tony but almost forget that their are pieces of armor on me and if the helmet gets on my head it'd be all over, plus I didn't want to be trapped inside of armor that can self destruct with you inside of it. I looked around so some kind of way to escape. In the ground there is a puddle with smelly green vapor coming from it. I run over to it and jump inside and realized that it is liquid poo.

      I didn't care the armor got off of me right before I plowed into it and I saw Tony grimace "ew" I laugh at him. "sucker!" I knew I was in a dream and I closed my eyes and ducked down in the poo and gave a middle finger as I slowly sunk down.

      Right before my hand went under I feel the armor grabs it and pulls me up out of the poo. I was covered head to toe and yucky poo and thought the he was gonna trap me inside armor, poo and all. But it flew me over to a pool that was next door and threw me into it.

      The armor dipped me in and out and then the other parts started wash me in the water, scrubbing my head and back and once all of the poo was off, took me out of the water, sprayed me with something that smelled good and then the helmet slams on to my face.

      I tried to get it off but I was not able to see and felt the rest of the armor cover my body. It shows me at the pool, struggling to get the armor off. Then I was able to see through the computer optics. I saw the house of the yard and people was coming out to see what was going on in the back yard.

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      Tags: lucid
    7. Mega Dragonzord

      by , 12-01-2018 at 06:13 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I'm at some kind of an event and there is a huge crowd of people around me. We are in an audience and someone dressed as the mega dragonzord appears and starts walking down a ramp. He is gonna walk right pass me and I have my toy there. Someone behind me distracts me and I turn away to deal with him. When I turn back The cos player has already passed me up and was further down. I was kinda glad that I was distracted for some odd reason. I saw other people with their things too like swords, guns and sabers, waving them around like he was famous. Was he? LOL
    8. Robo Cop following me

      by , 12-01-2018 at 05:39 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off in a huge house of some sort and there are things happening. I am a little girl and is walking around. Some times I'm with people and other times I am alone. There is a strange long room that I am in and the dream cam is a top down angled view and I walking around inside that is full of stuff and junk.

      Robocop come from around a corner and he follows behind me. I am not aware of him but he is coming up on me and I began to hear his footsteps. I had no idea what it was and thought that it was machinery and ran away from the sound. I hear someone yell "Hey!" As a black robotic hand reaches out for me.

      I ran through a door and is back in the huge room. It was all dark and I can see furniture like a table that is in front of a couch. There was some light but it was from an unknown light source. I walk out of the room and into someone else room. The person there was a sleep but the light was on. I got out before he wakes up and sees me there and then back down the hallway. Somethings happen and I'm running from some one but who ever it was chasing me got cut off by a huge figure who punched him, sending the chaser flying and skidded on the floor unconscious. I began to hear the footsteps again and they were getting louder. I looked back and saw that it was Robocop.

      He seemed to smile when I looked at him as I saw the corners of his mouth curled upwards a tiny bit. I grew wide eye and he put his hand up to indicate he was friendly but I again took off and this time found my self in a new environment. I was at Madison and was coming down some stairs and was about to go into a kitchen that was right around a corner but a robotic dark hand reaches out and grabs my shoulder. I turn around and it is Robocop. Again. He held on to me this time and said "Don't be afraid. Don't." In a gentle human like voice.

      I think I did some more things but don't recall it very well bu anyhow where ever I went Robo Cop followed me and sometime he would attack things that get too close to me like he did to that person earlier.

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    9. Chased by pyramidis and Auric

      by , 11-23-2018 at 08:27 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off in a place with my mom and her friends. It looks like we are at Peter's house and I was sitting on the floor, watching TV. There was a table behind me and further back was some couches with people there. Me and my mom I think got into it about something and I get upset and leave the house.

      My mom calls after me but I ignore her and start walking down streets and alleyways.

      Someone walks up to my mom and was wondering what the situation was. She said something and it looked like the person said leave it to me and set out for me. He got into his vehicle which ended up being pyramidis, which is a huge megazord used to for the Zeo Ultrazord then drove off in it's none robot mode.

      I was running up a highway filled with cars when I saw the huge zord coming up the adjacent opposite side of the freeway, being careful not to hit any cars. "what the actual fu-" It's the fuckin Pyramidis! I saw the person inside who was at the tip, pointing at me and fingering me to come here.

      I was not about to let him take me back in that thing. I looked around and spotted a bridge over pass and ran under it. He'd be way too big to fit in here. He drove up to it, parked it on the side of the road, then he got out. I saw construction stuff all around me and there were people in here, working too.

      I ran into a building that has spawned in to hide me and made my way over to an elevator. I pressed the button for it to come down but by the time it did make it, the person was already at the door. He banged on it to get my attention. "Hey!" I turned to him and that's when I saw who it really was. It was Auric! I knew I was not gonna make it on the elevator in time and left it.

      Now I end up in a strange room. It looked like a bowling alley only it was the size of a bedroom and the alley's were like only 6 feet long. There were black bags over the machines where the balls come out of and then Auric steps into the room, trapping me. I can see all of his details like his hard cloak on his back and his large size and red eyes. I ran around the ball machine, trying to keep him on the opposite side of me but he was not having it. he leapt over the machine, pouncing me before I can run down the alleyway. "Gotcha!" He waves a finger at me for being naughty then grabs the back of my head and slams my face into his chest. "that's for running off like that from your people. And." He bangs my head into his chest again. " That's for making me come all the way out here to get ya and not not stopping when I told you to come here."

      He was now in his toy mode in my arms and I started laughing at what just happened, now semi lucid.

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    10. lava floor and SPD Megazord

      by , 10-13-2018 at 05:52 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I'm in some kind of situation where I have to walk across an obstacle of some sort and right below it was lava. It was mostly reddish orange and glowing through dark rocks. The only thing above this was a thin rack which I knew was hot. I looked at my feet and only had on some pink open toed slippers. Nope. I had to cover my feel with something or it would hurt like hell, trying to cross that. I looked around and a candy rack was next to me. on it was some twizzlers and and Strawberry sour puch candy straws. I took a bag of sours down and began to line the inside of my slippers with them. I can see the layer of the sour stuff on each straw I used. This is not going to work, i just know it.

      Wake up and was glad that I didn't go through with that idea.

      I go to sleep again and this time I'm in a completely different place. Now I'm at a hotal and was on a 14 day vacation there. I didn't have a problem with that and sat on the floor. A megazord was next to me and I started playing with it. I transformed its arms which were white and bulky and realized that this was the SPD Megazord. I flipped some gold colored pieces that looked like tiny shields on his knees and then felt something in my mouth. It felt like plastic megazord pieces but I didn't try to take them out. I knew something was there but for some odd reason didn't even try to spit the out. I went into the restroom and the light was out. There was water on the floor and I flicked the light on and it actually came on! Some weird music started to play then woke up.
    11. Maggots

      by , 10-13-2018 at 05:37 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      Day time. I'm at the lakeshore apartments and things have happened in this dream but can't remember. I'm half way coming up the steps from outside and right in front of the steps was a chair. It was an old fabric, faded teal colored chair. I'm able to see what was under it ans saw a sand colored antbed, partially covering a black metal rail thing, used for the adjustable chair to slide on. Apparently this chair had been here for quite some time for ants to be able to build on it. I looked at the antbed and saw a couple of tiny black specks moving around on it. Yep defiantly one. Then I saw a maggot poke its head out of it and then another until the bed fell apart and inside was full of maggots, wiggling around. the tiny dots scattered away as their home got dominated by the robber maggots. As I turned to leave that place a male, white DC came in and pointed out the source of the maggots. He pulled the chair out from in a corner and behind it was a huge, dead animal. It had white colored fur but was too decomposed to recognize what it once was. The DC touched the thing and pulled it up by its hind leg and it broke in half, revealing thousands on wiggly maggots. I nearly barfed and ran outside before the smell could hit me.
    12. Third Zenyatta dream

      by , 10-12-2018 at 07:28 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      This one was actually one day after the other two. Just didn't have the time to post it at that moment.

      I am in a room in some kind of basement. The room is full of stuff and had a window in the back of it. I hear some one out in the hall moving around and saw that it was Zenyatta! He was pulling something big in front of him and he didn't notice me. I remained silent but thought about him getting me with his orbs and didn't want that to happen. He continued to pull this big load looking to be a beige colored fabric bin that you's see at a retail store. When the workers come and move things around, bring out new clothes and knick knacks. He stopped after a while and then he came into the room I was in and spotted me at the back, trying to hide in clothes. Zen pulled them off of me and was wondering what I was doing down here.
    13. Second Zenyatta dream

      by , 09-20-2018 at 07:29 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off playing Overwatch and I'am Zenyatta. I'm hiding from the enemy players by backing myself up into an enclove but they find me anyhow. They didn't kill me but I seen one who looked like a stylized girl with a dark face and red eyes. She smiled at me and I came out as looked at them and they looked at me back.

      Now I'm at a previous place I used to work at. It was the job center on Tallmadge that was next to Midway Lanes that shut down 4 years ago.

      Anyhow I'm working and doing mundane things and then something happens and and some kind of virus is floating around. I'm outside looking around and some parts of the scene is blurred beyond sight. There are people around me and we are ushered into the building. I'm walking around trying to find away out of here but it was to no avale. Ither the doors were blocked off by guards or the exit would be out of reach like on the ceiling of a vaulted room. At some point and time I feel something touch my neck and I go to flange it off but hit something round and hard. I looked to see what it was and it was an Orb. I'm Zenyatta..again! I see that I have many of them, way more then nine and wanted to get rid of some of them by telling the dream to reduced them but I began to see image and pictures of stuff like landscapes, houses, myself and so forth and realized that each orb is a memory. I let them be and follow me and realized now I can control people and get out of here.

      I know that Zen has a move called Discord so I found someone who was yelling at a kid and tried it on her. I drew something red in the air and flung it over onto her head and she got quiet and sat down. It works! I floated up to the kids and ushered them out of there and down the hall to safety. There is more that happened here but can't seen to recall it much. All I can get was it was something about my mom being there and she was walking down a hallway to the double doors at the other end where the guards were at.

      Anyhow I was in another place with people then woke up out of that dream.

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    14. I am Zenyatta!

      by , 09-20-2018 at 07:06 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I have recently began to watch people on youtube play a popular game called overwatch. It is a causal/ competitive type of game where you play as Heroes, each with a different role and moveset. As I was watching through the videos one character stuck out from the rest. The streams picked an unknown character who had spheres at the bottom of the screen, two on the right side and two on the left side. They were floaty as the unseen character moves and jumped around and at time would they would rotate around in a circle. I told myself that this will be my go to character if I do managed to get overwatch. I couple months down the line I decide to get it and it this is where the character introduced himself to me. His name was Zenyatta who is an Onmic that wants robots to live in harmony with humans. He is a peace loving and kind robot but will defend himself or others he feel obligated to protect with his Orbs that are controlled by his mind.

      With that said he is now my main character and from playing the game so much hear is what happened in my mind.

      I start this dream of, doing random things. It was daytime outside and a white, cloud overcast was upon us. I forgot alot about what happened at this point but I do remember me walking around outside. I was going down a sidewalk and I tripped and fell over something. My hands landed on something round and metallic and the heel on my hand con caved it. I looked to see what it was and it was one of Zenyattas Orbs. There was an indent where my hands were at. I was a bit disappointed at the fact they would dent this easily. These are supposed to be powerful balls of energy are they not? As I thought this the Orbs reformed as though they were made out of aluminum. I got up and realized that the Orb floated down from around my neck and it was trying to stop me from falling. That could mean only one thing, I was Zenyatta. No way.. I looked at my hands and they were robotic like his. I am! I floated Hindu style out of there.

      Now I was in a car with the figuerine of Zenyatta. It was a model of him but somehow it got broken and I was trying to put it back together. Some had fallen to the floor of the car where you put your feet at and I was down there, gathering up the bit of plastic and pieces.

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    15. Dino charge megazord appears!

      by , 07-30-2018 at 04:29 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off non lucid outside somewhere. I don't know what was going on but somehow I found myself lucid and some flood was happening. It was a very bad flood. The water was dark colored and was in a fast rush, sweeping away anything in its wake. When I seen the familiar golden arches of Mc. Donalds mostly submurged told me enough about how deep it was. It was daytime and this was bad and no way anything good can come of this scene. I of course avoided that area and went back into an ally way that lead to a darker part of the dream.

      The sky was dusky and I became lucid and began to call out to Kyoryuzin (Japanese dino thunder megazord).
      After a few times of calling to him with no sucess of him coming I looked up into the sky which is how most of my zords make entery into the dream and saw in the dusk colored maroon/purple sky tiny lights that you'd see on a rocket or a jet highly aloft in the sky. The lights were flashing on and off and in knew that it qas not what I was looking for. I went about calling his name randomly until I came across some kind of an indoor beach.

      I'm in a huge room with sand everywhere and people were playing in it. The sand felt cool on my feet even though I was thinking about it having ants in it and being itchy. Glad that it didn't happen and remained cool and even felt the covers on me. After that I spoke to the kids that were playing in the sand, telling them that this was a dream qnd was looking for someone to chase me as Kyoryuzin. They pointed over to a heavyset man that appeared to be asleep on a bench "He'll do it" With that said I went over to him and seen that he was awake and explained to him this being a dream and what I was wanting. He declined and this angers me. "Oh reaal,asshole? Just know that I just taught your kids how to cuss in a dream!" With that said I storm out of that place, getting ready to wake myself up as I found no further use to be present in this boring ass dream.

      The kids were aware of this and went over to the man and this time he perked awake and they explained to him what was about to happen. I heard him groan from being asleep for so long and as I was crossing the yard to go wake up, I turned atound to see a rather large, red being was standing in the door way. He was so big that he had to turn his broad body sideways in order to fit through the narrow doorway, first I seen his tail arm and then his smiling face, once he was through he made his way over to me. He was mostly red with strange yellow colors on his legs and his hands that were yellow shovel like claw things. Oh shit! I ran up the bank, towards the outdoor beach and when I turned back around he was right there and before I can even react he ponces on me and starts clamping me with those claw things. Oh shit! My voice is all weird and robotic and because of that I end up waking up by accident.
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